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Ag with Cancer Class of 99 needs 2 tickets Bama

This is not a joke so let's keep the posts on topic.

We (some Ags) found out about an Ag with cancer, Class of '01 who told her husband that she wanted to be at a big game atmosphere one last time. They do not have tickets and were not asking for tickets. Instead they were looking for a tailgate or place close to the stadium to enjoy the pre-game excitement and arrangements were made for her to watch the game on DirecTv at one of the set-ups outside Kyle.

I have reached out to Aggielandtickets.com and they are trying to assist. She needs to be first deck if at all possible and in the shade/under overhang, etc. in a section where she doesn't need to stand up the whole game for obvious reasons.

If a good Ag has 2 tickets for her and her husband we are not asking for them to be given. Some Ags have already said they are willing to donate to get them into the game.

So what I'm looking for is 2 tickets which meet the needs and then a price. I will either connect you with her husband or can facilitate the payment and then let you work with them to get the tickets.

Appreciate your consideration on helping this fine couple. My email is oldarmy83@gmail.com

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Praying you find tickets for this Ag...
I dont have nay tickets but I can donate if you find some.
Same. I don't have tickets, but can donate if you find some. My mother had cancer. She beat the hell outta it, though, despite the six week sentence the docs gave her. Prayers for her.

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I'll be tailgating and we would love to have them at our function. I don't have tickets or I would hand them mine. I will also donate if you find some tickets to buy.
Appreciate it everyone. I do not want to take donations until I have a willing seller and know the price. I've committed $300 to the effort and we have several Ags beyond those on here willing to chip in once/if a pair is located. I'm hoping to find first deck west (anywhere) or anywhere else in the shade.
Since time is getting short may I request that anyone who would be interested in chipping in please email me with an amount, so that I can at least have a ballpark on where we stand.

Don't care if its $10 or whatever. I'll report in with the total throughout the day as well as any ticket success.

Email oldarmy83@gmail.com

Put me down for $50
Do you have a way to accept paypal for donation?
Current amount pledged: $500

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Paypal is working to set it up a donation button.
$560 Committed
oldarmy1. Not sure if Aggie Park still has their tickets up for raffle. (San Antonio Aggie Club) Check with them.
How do I contact them?
Oldarmy, sent you an email.
burnerET - My wife has a business paypal acct. that the Paypal agent said people can send money to designated as "gift" and not be subjet to fees. However, I am on hold right now with Paypal looking at options for a straight "donation" or "gift" button I could label "Shannon Class '99 Fund".

As I read through the paypal options there is a way to create a donate button but it says the following:

"Note: This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Nonprofits must verify their status to withdraw donations they receive."

If I am reading that correctly it means no one can access the funds without verifying the status. That might be a longer process than we have for a one-time situation.

Do you, or does anyone, have experience or knowledge with this? Or a better option?

Staff - This thread should be stickied....
SA Aggie Club - Call Connie 210-Three Four Uno - 1393
Thanks Txlil

Spoke with the SA Club and those tickets are gone now. However they became interested in the good work by everyone and asked that pictures and the story be sent to them for their newsletter. I am going to be posting pictures here as well but appreciated their interest.

Aggielandtickets has 2 seats under the 1st deck overhang and minus the fees (which I believe they will wave) I just spoke to Jeremy and committed to buying these 2 seats for $1200.

If you would like to donate then send paypal labeled Shannon Class '99 using the "family and friends" tab to avoid fees.

Paypal donation to: lakeconroetaylors@gmail.com

Her business is "That Touch of Luxury" and you might see this on the transaction which is fine.

Thanks to everyone who joined in making this happen!

Once the total reaches the $1200 I will post it immediately. Any overage to that amount will be given directly to Shannon at the tailgate.
I will edit and update actual Paypal balance on this post for everyone.

Balance stands at $930.

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"Aggies don't lie, cheat, or steal, nor do they tolerate those who do!" - Aggie Code of Honor
Good bull.
I'd send out out a tweet to help spread the word but Twitter has been down for a while. I will whenever it comes back up. -scot

Scot Walker '90 | Director of Communications
The Association of Former Students | Texas A&M University
(979) 845-7514
I donated a little but I forgot to put her name on it. Will it still go to the right place?

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Scot - Any relation to Bob Walker?
WindowLicker - No problem. The account had a zero balance so I am reporting the full balance which is 100% toward this effort.
OldArmy1- No, not to either of them. -scot
We have a total of $845
Twitter is really flaky today, but got it tweeted.
These tickets are available 126 row 31.


$855 Currently donated
These tickets are available 126 row 31.


I sent an email to Andres and he was headed into a Dr.'s appt. Said he would be in touch afterward. If we raise more than the final ticket price then that will be given as a cash donation to Shannon. Jeremy at Aggielandtickets.com wouldn't have a problem with finding a better price.

$930 current balance
For 1st deck west side you need to be on row 37-40 to be under the overhang.
The 126's will be in the sun for a brief time I believe, but the ameneties are nicer in the zone.


I'm simply blown away.

Please provide me with your thoughts/advice. If the other tickets are available at the lower price the stated plan is to give the excess to Shannon and her husband. Is everyone good with this because I want to be completely transparent with the final amounts donated, amount paid for tickets and cash amount to be donated.
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