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Found a treasure chest of Aggie lore today

Today, I picked up a some personal belongings that were my father & grandfathers....things that dated back to the 1880's all the way until the 1980's. They both graduated from A&M. Pinky Wilson in 1920 & Joe Wilson in 1963. My father passed away last year. His wife called me up last night & invited me over to pick up some personal belongings that were kept over the years. I had the day off so I made the trek from CS to Leander to pick up the mementos. I collect Aggie Memorabilia, so I hoped that I could find some vintage A&M things that included my father & grandfather.

Well, I hit the jackpot! Included were letters that my grandfather wrote to my great-grandparents while he was in WW1, describing how he shoved a bayonet into a German soldier....Talking about how he loved them and that how he would go down fighting....I also have his medals from the war, his A&M brass, many pics from his A&M & WW1 days, his family lineage that dates back to the 1700's.....honestly,I've looked for a good 4-5 hrs and it's all jumbled in my head right now & I haven't begun to decipher what, who & where much of this stuff comes from... It's late & I'm tired, but I'll leave you with one last thing tonite.... One of the pieces that I found was a "story" that my grandfather had written about what must have been in his head that night.....however before he wrote his thoughts down, he scribbled down the following of which is the following:
"Hullabaloo caneck caneck Hullabaloo caneck caneck. Good bye to Texas University, so long to the orange and the white. Good luck to the dear old Texas Aggies they are the boys that have the dear old fight"

It was dated 8/22/1919...Grandpa wrote the Aggie War Hymn while standing guard on the Rhine during WW1. It was incorporated as the official school song soon afterwards.

I'll try to get some nice & organized pics up later. Some REALLY cool & historical A&M stuff.
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Are you ****ting me? That's awesome.!!
Rule #1!!!

Cool, can't wait to see the pics.
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Juan too!
Juan! Best offseason thread ever made. Congrats on striking gold!
Either biggest and most brazen lie/trollI've seen in a while, or Holy Crap!

Either way,

Going to bed now, but here's a nugget for ya'll:
That's more than gold my friend.
Ohhhhhhhh yes
90% Ag,
also have found some Japanese pesos.
Scratching my head on these.
90% Ag,
also have found some Japanese pesos.
Scratching my head on these.

North Korean won
I'll give you $5 for it.

I'm serious. I will do that.

Good bull!

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Wow. Just did a quick search on and it's been known that your grandfather wrote it (don't know if you already knew that) but that slip definitely hasn't been discovered. Awesome find

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Good bull!
Juan, great stuff
Good Bull!
This needs to be photocopied and displayed somewhere on campus.
On mobile and just saw the pic. I can't wait to see the rest of it. Th Is may be one of the greatest finds ever.

And pagina uno once again
This needs to be displayed somewhere on campus.

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