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Texas A&M Football Recruiting

Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

August 4, 2021

Key notes from Recruiting Country

  • Saturday, it started to get busy. The kids showed up on Friday, and there were a high number of Texas A&M commits and top targets in town. It was a busy weekend, but that's the life of a recruiting analyst. There are no set hours, and you're always on call. It was fun. It was hectic. We have some more interviews coming out this week as well.
  • There are going to be some ripple effects from this weekend. Good ripple effects. They picked up a commitment from 2023 offensive lineman Colton Thomasson‍, and to get the ball rolling on the offensive line with a kid that many believe is the second-best prospect in 2023 is huge. He was the biggest eighth-grader we had ever seen come to camp. He now looks incredible and is continuing to transform his body. The reason he became so highly recruited is because he has committed himself to the weight room and his diet. I'm looking forward to seeing his junior season now that he's more agile.
  • The efficiency with which this weekend was ran was the most impressive part about it, which is saying something considering the visitor list. The kids and the families all felt like they were important parts of the weekend. The planning that went on with the recruiting staff to keep this organized is incredible. Every person on that recruiting team is really good at what they do. Many of the kids met with their position coaches and with Jimbo Fisher this weekend, and the effects from this weekend will be felt throughout the football season.
  • Many people were sent scurrying, and it wasn't just fans on message boards but coaches at other schools. People are worried about what Texas A&M is doing. You saw coaches from Texas, including Steve Sarkisian, checking in on their guys while they were at A&M. This was the biggest story in national recruiting. This was the best visitor list that has ever been on campus, and I'm not sure how they can top it. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jimbo Fisher can do it.
  • I posted an update on the message board. I think we'll have a decision from Bryce Anderson‍ before the weekend, sometime on Friday. I've never wavered in my coverage of Bryce, and nothing has been told to me that would make me change my tune. I like where A&M is because of the relationships he has with Elko, Rushing, Fisher and because A&M has been around this recruitment for so long. When he decommitted from LSU, there was a ton of A&M momentum. Texas has gotten back in it since then, but we'll see if they can again get back in it and create some doubt. All the momentum is on Texas A&M's side. If a school feels a recruitment slipping away, they'll try and wedge themselves back in.
  • I've known Conner Weigman‍ since he was 13, and people are figuring out what I've already known: He's special. He's not a rah-rah guy, but when you get him around his teammates, he's special. He played a huge part this weekend, as did Bobby Taylor‍. For A&M to get their quarterback as early as they did, it'll help exponentially. I'm not sure why so many took so long to jump on the Weigman train, and it might be the baseball thing. This kid is special and has been as long as I've known him. I'm looking forward to Bridgeland’s opening game against Klein Cain, which will be broadcasted nationally.
  • Donovan Green‍, Ish Harris‍ and Boby Taylor have all given themselves the responsibility to add to this class and beyond. Ish already talked about adding 2023 linebackers. He's trying to builds a lot of excellent teams at Texas A&M, not just one.
  • It's brilliant for Jim Schlossnagle to capitalize on the Alabama football weekend by scheduling Houston for a Friday night scrimmage at Olsen Field. Really, really smart move by Schloss.
  • As of now, I think Kelvin Banks‍ is locked in with Oregon. I know that Texas A&M will not give up, especially with the advantages the Aggies have. Oregon swooped in under everybody's nose and got him. Usually, the further you get away from that commitment, the easier it gets to flip a kid. Josh Henson and Jimbo Fisher aren't going to give up.
  • Walter Nolen‍ and Shemar Stewart‍ were five-star kids who were in town, and we expect A&M to get official visits out of both. A&M has wedged themselves into the mix for both. I do not think A&M gets both, but it would not surprise me to get one.
  • Julian Humphrey‍ has been to A&M twice in the last week, and he's committed to Florida. You have to get him uncommitted from there before you can get him committed here. I wouldn't call it a stall.
  • Kam Dewberry‍ was in town this week, and I think he's doing his homework on who he will play with at the next level. I think A&M will be a constant in that recruitment, regardless of who they are battling. I think the relationship with Kenyon Green is huge and will help. If A&M can go on a run of commitments here, it would drive the nail home for Kam. He does not have a set commitment date yet. When it comes down to it, A&M is going to be one of those teams that is right there.
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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

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Thanks for all the hard work and info. It is fun to see.

You have any info on the Penn St recruiting ?
Bill Superman
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Jimbo's got the whole cfb world on notice!
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No Justice No Peace... not a good look... can't we just play football?
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Curious.... do targets go out on the town as well at night, like Northgate or The Tap (if it's still around)?
SEC Champs
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Bill Superman said:

Jimbo's got the whole cfb world on notice!

He really does. I visited some rival fan message boards for fun, and our recruiting weekend shook them up if not pushed them to despair. Lol.
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Thanks for the updates.
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They surely make the frat parties.
Ronnie '88
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