Brazos County Commisioner races

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Brian Alg said:

Did he give you an email address or something? I do not see one on his website.
You can message him on his Facebook page or call 979-339-0047. It may go to voicemail but he does check messages and return calls.
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Tailgate88 said:

Bentley Nettles knocked on my door yesterday to remind us to vote in the run-off election. This is the second time he has come by. After reviewing his record and history I believe him to be a man of great integrity who truly wants to serve his community.

I asked him if he had seen this thread and he said he had not, but had heard about it. I asked him several questions about some of the accusations on here and he answered them all. He also mentioned the numerous times that Mr. Aldrich has voted to raise taxes, and that "didn't seem like something a fiscal conservative would do."

He shared that he has been talking to many voters and reaching out to as many people as possible, so please do contact him directly if you have any concerns.

I believe politics should not turn into a career, as Mr. Aldrich has seemingly done. Mr. Nettles has served his country in the armed forces, and done a fine job of turning around a state agency. Now he would like to serve his local community. He has my vote.

They both seem quite qualified for sure actually. I do know what I have with Aldrich and it is mostly good and he does at least have an independent mind at times and certainly understands the old school minds that puppet Peters are a detriment to everyone in this county.

Nettles appears to be a good man. His campaign finance is the only worry to me-but a HUGE one. He appears yo be tied to the very people holding this area back. Hopefully not true if he does win, but all the signs are there and money usually does dictate these things once in office. Does he have the character to buck those that funded him? It is rare-very rare. I wouldn't count in it. I see another Peters forming and we simply cannot have that. If he came out against the old crony network here specifically I would be on board. I have a feeling he is owned by it.

Let's hope we pick the right one. If it is Nettles, let's hope he can be i dependent of those who funded him. I have a feeling those backing him are blinded by his service, etc. It is to be commended, but not if he falls prey to the good ole' boy network here locally. We will see who gets to say I told you so!
Brian Alg
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Went ahead and sent him the following message. I wouldn't blame him for not responding. No upside in it. Even people that are lukewarm on him are calling him a good dude and saying he was "certainly honest." Acknowledging this is not likely to help. But if I do get a response I'll probably post it here unless he asks me not to.

Supporters of yours suggested I contact you regarding an issue I have brought up on Texags. In 2019 you made a statement regarding a 2016 Brazos County TABC sting where the TABC agent himself was caught on video committing the Class A misdemeanor of furnishing alcohol to a minor ( That was followed by statements, affidavits, and ultimately court testimony falsely accusing a bartender of committing the offense. In a statement after all that came out, you indicated that the TABC "found no wrongdoing on the part of Agent Jergins." That seemed an outlandish thing to say. He was caught on tape committing the a misdemeanor and then he falsely accused a bartender of committing the crime. I don't see how it could have been clearer wrongdoing. It was wrong and he did it.

I was curious if there was some explanation for why you said that. My guess is it was intended to keep body cameras out of sting procedures.

I understand if this isn't something you want to discuss. But if you care to shoot me a message on here or if you would like to schedule a call or a meeting, I would be happy to get a better understanding of what was going on with that statement.
Brian Alg

Brazos Coalition for Responsible Government
Brian Alg
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Responded quicker than I expected (less than an hour after I sent it). And his answer is much better than I expected.

Brian thanks for contacting me on face book you can also call me [redacted]
1 Body cameras . As a result of this incident I asked the same question. Why can't we use body cameras. Other than the obvious it's under cover and a big body camera would give away the operation
We were never able to find a concealed camera that worked effectively in low lighting. My agents tried several different options and worked with IT , even google glasses but at the time the quality was not good. TABC was also not funded for the additional storage cost of hours and hours of video footage.
Surely you're not asking me why the agent wasn't charged criminally. That question is more appropriate for the DA.
The TABC Inspector General who worked for the chairman of the commission investigated the incident and came to that conclusion. The IG did not work for me and I had no control over him.
I did have concerns over the incident. I asked training to review the procedures and identify gaps so that these could be addressed. I relied upon the law enforcement leadership to determine what to do with this agent. They recommended transferring him and when notified he resigned on the spot .
Of course the incident happened before I took over the agency.
The agent was cleared by the Brazos County DA and the agency IG. Not sure what else there was to say other than the agent was cleared of wrongdoing
I know you don't agree with that outcome
Did you know the bartender personally? You seem to be unwilling to accept that the DA did not prosecute a cop. I really had nothing to do with that decision
So I think your anger is misplaced Feel free to call me if you want to discuss further.

Brian Alg

Brazos Coalition for Responsible Government
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I think these are posts that should be made elsewhere. It sounds like a grudge to me. They certainly have no bearing on the current County race.

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