Brazos County Commisioner races

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etj77845 said:

I firmly believe Nettles to be overqualified for the office he seeks. Would have likes to see him go head to head with Peters. If Nettles does win, I expect him to do so in the next election cycle.
No way he runs against the guy responsible for him running this time.
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Hittag1492 said:

Tailgate88 said:

Hittag1492 said:

PanAg83 said:

Facts are stubborn things and the facts point to 7 of the last 9 budgets Aldrich has voted for tax increases. It's difficult for folks to deal with because it just doesn't fit the narrative. Ask him why he voted that way, ask him why he's proposing new taxes as we speak? A road tax, a drainage tax, and ask yourselves why you keep letting him get away with it. He's stood up for taxpayers once or twice and has operated against them for the better part of two decades.

The amazimg part of all the Aldrich hate is that these people actually believe Nettles will vote to cut taxes-ever. Aldrich at 7of 9 might be a record tax cutter for a local politician, especially counting him helping shut down another vote by not showing up. Has Nettles even said he would be a tax cut champion? They all typically do, but I did not notice him making it a big part of his campaign. His website says nothing about his agenda that I can see. He is endorsed by the same people that endorse Peters and Berry. He is what people just voted out except he is basically hiding his actual agenda and running on the good Ag, local boy "insider" - exactly what is no longer needed. I wish we had more qualified people as well, but if one is looking for a modern approach, change and lower taxes- how can you even think Nettles represents that at all, lol. Good luck with that…

Like I said-they all say it somewhere. He does not have it anywhere I can see on his website I could see-odd. Every candidate running has those exact lines somewhere on their literature-Berry and Peters included for years even Aldrich who you say has raised taxes as well. How did that work out? All I know is everyone he is associated with is closely associated with the 2 worst offenders we have had and still have (Berry /Peters) in ages so I see no way he will be anything but the same as he has embraced those folks hard. His past history does not dictate he will lower taxes either. Just nothing there to give anyone hope he will be anything more than another good ol'Ag who will actually keep the status quo and hold this area back like all the rest for the benefit of a very few. You should vote for him as you choose. Maybe you liked Berry, I don't know. If so- it would make sense. And another person with zero vision of what this area can be. Aldrich may not either, but he will at times at least stand up to et morons like Peters/Berry who have become nothing but arrogant. I don't see Bentley doing that when he has embraced that same group.

You can message him on his Facebook page or call 979-339-0047. It may go to voicemail but he does check messages and return calls. Instead of putting words in his mouth why don't you reach out to him and ask him these questions yourself, and then post here with the results.
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