Biden wins 340 to 198 (so says an expert)

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Dems are already down 975K so far through early voting in Texas, if they are going to start cheating to have a chance at winning, they better start now.
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titan said:


Then a part of me ventures over to facebook every now and then and see how differently everyone seems to think than on this board. It doesn't shock me with how brainwashed people are in regards to their hatred for all things Trump(and in many cases the republicans in general ruining the way of life)
Its not this board. The evidence is the scale of the Trump support in solid BLUE states like New York and even California, as well as the swing states. If it was just this board would ignore it ---- but the Trump sentiment is 50 state wide and very big --that hints at popular vote win possibility numbers.

Agree with that
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L08 said:

Fightin TX Aggie said:

I have seen the revelation of just some of the cheating going on here in Texas, but if Trump loses Texas that will reveal just the shear amount of it that took place. Just the fact they are saying it is close is enough for me to doubt Trump wins. I have felt all along though that it was going to be almost impossible to counteract the fraud. Disgusting really.
Do Not Believe it for a second. If it happened, it wold be proof we have a Soviet system now where the elections are pretenses. It would rate the next phases.
FrioAg 00:
Leftist Democrats "have completely overplayed the Racism accusation. Honestly my first reaction when I hear it today is to assume bad intentions by the accuser, not the accused."
FrioAg 00
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Charley Cook was historically non-partisan, but he's been a HUGE anti-Trump guy going all the way back to the 2016 Primaries.

He lost a lot of credibility and subscribers over it, including me.

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Corporal Punishment said:


Look at the people who predicted a Trump victory in 2016. They are predicting another Trump victory in 2020.
This isn't entirely true. A guy that was touted here in 2016 for successfully predicting Trump and every winner since '84 predicts Biden wins.

A history professor, Allan Lichtman, is one of those rare experts who has correctly predicted all the US elections since 1984.

This year, the race to the White House is between the current US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival and former Vice President Joe Biden.

"Donald Trump will become the first sitting President since Bill Clinton defeated George H W Bush in 1992 to lose a re-election bid," Lichtman predicted.

As per the expert Historian, this year he observed seven false and six true for the questions in his '13 Keys' model. So, as per the rules of the model which has never been wrong Trump will have to pack up his stuff and leave the White House.
13 keys to the White House

This guy is basing his predictions on the president's "poor handling of the CORONA virus".
The only poor handling of the virus was the mass murderer Cuomo in NY.
Even the NYT snuck in an article complimenting Trump's handling of the virus. If you look at Trump's comments and actions compared to guidance from WHO and CDC at the time, not with hindsight, he didn't do anything that was outside the recommendations of the so-called experts before they began continuously changing their recommendations and guidelines. Trump also rightfully let local authorities hand the virus with federal logistics support where it was perceived to be needed.
Trump's "mishandling of the virus" is created by DNC/MSM propaganda.
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Mostly Foggy Recollection said:

Josh also mentioned in a podcast he had Hillary at 375.

Wow. Not even after a few trips to Golden Corral.
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