Resounding. These game 3 offensive performances are getting to be like clockwork... This can be a benefit of having a great offense in college baseball. You get to game 3 and your opponent has used a lot of arms and this is the result... The last 4 game 3 run totals for us: 17, 23, 11, 12. Yeah, that'll do. This team is keeping full steam ahead and this is another highly impressive road series win against a formidable opponent.

Menefee. Absolutely unreal. We have had so many heroic long relief outings this year and this was another.... I don't know if I've ever seen a college team with this many amazing long relief outings in one season. It's been incredible. Menefee had everything working, held his velo the entire time & phenomenal action on his breaker... A ton of chases. A lot of fortitude after that strike call didn't go his way to stay focused and get out of the inning. The whole outing was just super clutch... Hell of a job. Johnston was superb also, electric stuff. Up to 94 and slider was sharp, awesome way to close out the game.

Offense just continues to mash... The depth is amazing, Vandy did a good job pitching to Rock this series so Claunch and Targac combine to go 7-10 with 10 RBIs on Sunday. Wow. Targac might have the most raw power in all of college baseball, it's crazy. He has definitely broken out this year and it's been fun to watch. Can't wait to see this lineup down the stretch in SEC... Definitely an opportunity to keep putting up some great run totals. They can beat you 1-9, fantastic approaches.

Just another phenomenal weekend and series win... Building a really good resume at this point. It's outstanding and this team has really grown and developed over the course of the season, awesome to see the progression. Players & staff deserve so much credit... Still a lot in front of them & you know they'll get a great shot from South Carolina this weekend, so love how we're staying focused on the task at hand. UTA will come out upset minded as well I'm sure so have to take care of business in that one & then onto another great opportunity against SC.