Yet another great opening series win... Have collected quite a few of those at this point. Impressive and thorough W, totally outplayed Vandy. 5-1 and it could've been a larger margin than that... Awesome all-around win with all facets contributing. Cannot draw it up any better for game 1 of a series.

Dettmer is becoming super consistent. He was great again, 2 hits in 7 innings against that team on the road... Man. Fantastic. Fastball command was very good, usual downward dive and life. Breaker shape was more of a curve in this one, mixed it in nicely, solid backdoor to LHH. Few changeups, threw a dirty one in the first, mimicked the movement of his FB... Next few were a little up but was a change of pace. Maybe not 100% optimal to have to use Palisch in game 1 after last weekend- didn't help that this was a Thursday series so he had less rest... His stuff was down ever so slightly which isn't surprising coming off the heavy workload vs Arkansas. Ideally he'd probably be done now until Mississippi State... Another phenomenal job last night by him, just keeps getting it done, ice in his veins. Offspeed really kept them off balance.

Kaler had a fabulous game, made every play at SS, very surehanded... Crucial considering all the groundballs Dettmer got. Leadoff HR was massive and the hit & run he executed, that was so difficult on that inside pitch he got... Offense was gritty, grinded their guys down. Them burning Reilly in a loss is significant. Werner & Claunch had clutch hits and monster AB from Bost in the 9th with the insurance run double. Moss had a great AB in the 9th also & Thompson started the rally, another spark plug at bat from him.

All in all just another outstanding win and they keep putting themselves in great positions to win series... Game 2's have been a little tricky though so hope we can continue to put pressure on Vandy, early runs could have them on their heels a bit after losing game 1. Big opportunity for Dallas, feel good with him out there & if he locates and mixes his pitches think he could hold them down. Big statement last night and now again a chance for another huge series win if we can grab one of the next two. Just continuing to be super impressive & they really executed as a squad last night. Awesome performance.