Considering how this one played out.... Really needed to get this win and they did. We definitely had to use a lot of bullets out of the pen so pretty imperative we got the W after that. Ton of credit to the pitching & Claunch... They made this one happen.

The arms- so impressive in this one. 15 strikeouts/2 walks, can't beat that. Just awesome. Dettmer was very solid, he's definitely gaining some consistency. Sinker was good, breaker was working pretty well. His ability to throw strikes is so nice to have. Bullpen was obviously amazing. Nails. Menefee was stellar. 1st/2nd with no outs and top of the lineup up, strikes out the side. He was nasty, spotting the fastball gloveside and slider was filthy. Burying it, they had no chance. That's what he's capable of- great to see. Palisch was equally great, he has been so crisp with his stuff and location recently. If those two can keep that up it will be so huge for this team going forward.

Claunch, he's been helping to carry the club lately with his bat. Has gotten super locked in offensively. He's good at using the whole field and can hit all types of pitches. Clutch stuff. Kentucky deserves credit for holding some of our other guys down. Harney threw very very well. Other things were a mixed bag for us... Defense was shaky. Two double plays potentially that we got zero outs both times. Obviously tougher to win like that. Kentucky got us in the run game last night, caused some havoc there. That hasn't been an issue against us at all really this year so I'm sure we'll get that straightened out.

We really needed this one just with all the arms we used so it was huge to get it. Also Cortez only threw 3 pitches so he should be fine to go again tonight if necessary. Hopefully Prager can step up, feel like he'll have a solid start tonight & then the offense can get a few early runs. Take some pressure off of our bullpen. Find a way to take the series... Good step towards that already.