Game 1 was obviously great. I thought the approach was much better than it has been offensively, they were attacking pitches they could handle in the zone. Early in the count looking to do damage... Great to see.

Man the second game was rough. Dettmer just didn't have it. Kept falling behind, no command of fastball or breaking ball. I'm a little confused why we aren't seeing more changeups from him... Leading in to the year we heard a lot about his change, and it does look like it has solid action. Considering he was struggling with his other 2 pitches yesterday would've liked to see more changeups.

It was just more sloppiness in game two. Defense was worse, Claunch passed ball, Moss had that really bizarre throw to second base... Maybe Rock's homer will get him going. Just overall need to gain more consistency as a team from a game to game basis, can't string together quality performances. Hopefully Prager throws strikes today, works ahead and they play clean defense.