Know anyone with COVID?

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Just curious if you guys actually know anyone who has had or has COVID. Thankfully I don't know anyone first hand; just a friend of a friend. I'm hoping it stays that way. And I wish you all continued health.

I wonder if in the cases of community spread, if they are able to isolate the source,or just know that because the infected person hasn't knowingly been around another infected person.
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First hand - NO. Not a single person. And I know A LOT of people.

I suspect I might have had it in early February just before I went to Waco for my dad's surgery.
I'll be back to comment if I test positive for the antibody because... it would have some interesting implications for Waco (regarding lack of contagiousness).
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I have a neighbor that had it. The couple went on a cruise, the cruise ended about the time the Diamond Princess was blowing up. They immediately got on a second 2 week cruise. That cruise ended up lasting about 6 weeks.

All were tested leaving the ship and supposedly all were negative. Upon returning home, the health department asked them to self quarantine. A week later they tested positive. They spent the next 4 or 5 weeks isolated in their home. Didn't have any severe symptoms.
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I have two family members that had it and recovered. A niece in San Antonio and a sister in law in Houston.

No idea how the niece got it. She's 10 and no one else in her household had symptoms prior to or after. This was at least two weeks into a lockdown that her parents abided by as well as possible. She was sick but never too too bad. Had high fever, cough and couldn't sleep well.

SIL had to go to a doctors appointment several days before she got it. She thinks that's the most likely way she contacted it. Interestingly, no one else in that household got it Either (at least no symptoms). She had pretty bad symptoms and was having increasingly worse breathing. On day 7 she went to the Hospital and was admitted over night. Sent home on oxygen the h by next day. She said that made a World of difference.
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My niece and her husband in Dallas had it. They thought they had it and later took the antibody test and discovered they did. They are in their 30s and healthy so they were fine.
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Nope. Not first hand. Small argument with a couple of local nurses tonight about our nursing homes vs NY nursing homes. We have quite a few in the temple area, assisted living, rehab, The Meridian, etc..."But NY is more dense" was their argument. But senior living is senior living was mine. They're convinced a second wave will happen and NO school for the spring semester. At all.

Damn, I take that back. My daughter's friend's brother had it. He's 14 with one lung, one kidney, and recent treatment for liver cancer. Went to McLane Children's, with his mom. After a few days, went on antibiotics, a few days later, both sent home for 21 days of quarantine. The whole family went to the coast last week.
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