KCEN - Lynae Miyer?

So, the wife and I have been waking up to KCEN for a while. However, during her surgery rotation, we've been waking up earlier than they come on. Her rotation ended and we've started watching again but it seems Lynae is no longer with the show. Just curious to see if anyone knows what happened to her.
They didn't renew her contract for whatever reason.
I liked her. It's just not the same. She balanced out teal Jennings chipmunky thing.
I thought she was kinda hot.
Lynae is a lifelong friend of mine. She is still in Central Texas, and will hopefully find a tv station that is a better fit for her than KCEN, which she left of her own accord. Their treatment of her was very unfair; more than that I cannot say. She still posts weather updates on her public facebook page:

And brazzag, I'll pass on the compliment.
I've had many people tell me they watched KCEN in the morning because of her. I usually watch 10 because Brady is an Ag and I like him, but she seemed to be popular. Channel 25 would pick her up if they were smart.......
I admit I watched KCEN early news because of her, no more since she left. And, I chuckled at the chipmunk comment, as that is what I thought of Jennings with her semi frown & dimples. Lynae added to the whole show, not just the weather.

IMO, KWTX early stuff is very weak, the weather guy is OK, but the other two are not very appealing. Now, most of the time, I just have the weather on the small TV ch 25.3

Can't comment on ch 25, because I'm usually out the door @ 5:30 am
Pete +1
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