Can we revisit the CSISD Bond Discussion (signs are up, voting day approaches)

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4lilmonkeys said:

doubledog said:

First the Consul Sports parents and supporters could raise a percentage of the funds necessary. A good faith effort would show the voters that all parties are engaged. Second those who use the press boxes could also donate to the cause. Third alternative plans could be put forward that do not include double digit million dollar expenditures.

What exactly do you think Tiger Club and Cougar Club do?

You can go to the Tiger Club website and see what they've raised and what it's been spent on- and what we're already trying to cover for next year. This covers ALL sports, boys and girls. I've personally given almost $5,000 this year between sponsorships, fees, personal donations and more. And I'll happily do it again next year.

It's also important to point out that our local businesses are writing pretty big checks to multiple schools across multiple districts. Drive by any school and you'll see the same signs over and over again- even at the elementary level. So we're supposed to go out and ask them to increase their spending too?

In the past, we've asked for community support. When my kids were in middle school, they asked for straight cash donations (because everyone was tired of buying wrapping paper)- even went door to door in our neighborhood asking for $10, $25, $100. They got the same type of answers I've seen from posters on this very thread. "I don't have kids in school, why should I support you."

How many times have you driven by a car wash?

How many times have you closed the door or didn't answer altogether?

Ever considered paying $7.00 to go to a game? Any game.

It's really nice to say you'll help if you "see an effort," but we've been working and asking all along. So I guess I won't hold my breath waiting on anyone in this thread to write a check. It seems like ANY fundraising effort by the district is met with the same attitude as a potentially small property tax increase.

While I'm at it- I'm going to take a minute to shamelessly praise these kids. They have not had a break since April. It started with Spring Ball practice, then camps, then two-a-days, then regular season practices and games. They played and practiced in unprecedented heat, up at 5:00 AM most days, workouts on weekends, keeping their grades up as required, holding down part-time jobs, volunteering in the community and more. For those who say that sports aren't all that important, let me tell you that these are some of the BEST and hardest working kids I know. I am thrilled to support them any time I can.

Both high school football teams are moving into the third round of playoffs. So you have your opportunity on Friday night to go out and support one or both. Buy a ticket, get a hot dog. See for yourself.
I think you answered the question. If you cannot raise any money by donations, it shows the lack of enthusiasm by voters (in general). Don't give up, you need to somehow get them involved, or the voters will never agree with you.
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sawemoff94 said:

woodiewood1 said:

CS78 said:

George Costanza said:

Consol NEEDS, at a minimum, an expanded fieldhouse, track resurfacing and concession stand and that at least should be put up for vote again asap.
So what does that actually cost? I was really surprised by the ratio that C and D failed by. If they really want athletic bonds to pass, they need to be asking for needs and not wants and trying to trim things to a reasonable number.
I think if more detailed information was presented with the needs for each expenditure and they looked reasonable, it may have passed.

Questions such as why do the stands need expanding if they are not full for the games should have been explained. Why does a few year old press box at CSHS need to be rebuilt?

To me, more explanation was needed in order to justify spending 38+ million on the two football programs and 13+ million on baseball/softball facilities....51 million in significant dollars.

Prop D was fairly straightforward. The majority of this baseball/softball request was turfing their 4 fields so that the athletes and coaches don't lose as much time prepping fields and waiting for them to dry out. In return they'll have more time for player development, substantially more time practicing on the field both during the fall and spring, and less cancelled games. They'll spend less time and money moving practices and games to other facilities and schools for rentals. The icing on the cake is the realistic potential of renting out these new facilities to outside organizations for summer tournaments where there is already a field shortage in town. These athletes and programs deserve turf fields which are the new standard. Not referring to the Woodlands, Katy and Allen. I'm referring to Navasota, Caldwell, Mumford, Franklin and Waller.
An explanation a to why it costs multiple millions of dollars to turf a field might have helped. Maybe a comment such as, "We are asking for XXX dollars to turf each of our four fields. We have researched the cost of what other districts have recently paid and obtained rough estimates from sports field construction contractors and we estimate that with inflation it will cost the XXX dollars per field Also, from what we have determined is that there is a possibility of generating significant revenue renting out the fields during the off season."

Even attaching a link to a breakdown of how they came up with 13 million would have helped. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't read any of the justifications that you mentioned in print.
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CSISD has launched a website to educate the public about the 2024 Bond Proposition. They are emphasizing "Functional, Safe & Cost-Effective Spaces for Students".

Please visit this site for more information:

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Was at a Jr High track meet last night at Consol and stood in the bleachers to look over and watch the baseball game. That was the first time I had seen the baseball facility and was very shocked at the poor condition. The infield is very worn and the bullpens were not even usable. I don't know if it is from lack of maintenance or just age.

Also, I don't know if it was just may vantage point (standing in the football bleachers looking over), but that baseball field looks huge. They don't have any distance marked on the fence that I could see, but outfielders were playing more than halfway in from the fence. Again, may have just been from where I was.
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I'm confused. According to this board, CSISD only cared about CSHS.
I thought that Consol was supposed to drive around town and pick up old fences and use that for repairs and additions.
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It's big. I believe that a parent said that it was 320 down the line.

I was also there and I don't know if you noticed but the only bathrooms for both the football and baseball stadiums are at the scoreboard end of the football stadium.

All of the athletic facilities at Consol need to be upgraded and / or repaired.
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