Stewart Wade
Brand & UX Manager, Social Media Director
Stewart joined TexAgs in 2013 after working 10 years in advertising as an art director and designer. After graduating from A&M in 2004 and marrying his high school sweetheart, he soon fled the state for sunny California. He spent eight years in LA before returning to the motherland with his wife and three kids. Stewart manages TexAgs' social media presence, the overall user experience and the TexAgs brand.
Billy about to be on Finebaum
2 days ago by Stewart Wade
Texas A&M release officially names Fisher head coach (includes quotes)
Texas A&M Football ∙ 12 days ago by Stewart Wade
Video of Board of Regents voting to finalize Fisher's contract
12 days ago by Stewart Wade
Tweets that didn't age well: Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M edition
Texas A&M Football ∙ 15 days ago by Stewart Wade
If you've been paying attention over past few weeks, you probably noticed that once reports started surfacing about A&M's interest in Jimbo Fisher, Twitter erupted with #HOTSPORTSTAKES about how far-fetched of an idea that was. As a public service, we've tracked down every last one of them. Enjoy.
A quick 'Shop Class for y'all
15 days ago by Stewart Wade
Caption Contest
16 days ago by Stewart Wade
Team meeting about to happen
20 days ago by Stewart Wade
Development Update: New User Profiles!
24 days ago by Stewart Wade
The 2017-2018 College Football Coaching Carousel
Texas A&M Football ∙ 26 days ago by Stewart Wade
We've never launched the Coaching Carousel in November, but with the early signing period, seven (!!!) jobs already open, and rumors abounding like never before, we decided it was time. So HOP ON, it's gonna be a wild ride.
Run the Numbers: Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss
Texas A&M Football ∙ 29 days ago by Stewart Wade
BREAKING: Texas A&M and Ole Miss are playing (what should be) a really entertaining football game this weekend. You may not be aware of that because there are practically no threads about it, but it's true.
Aggie Basketball returns tonight
1 mo ago by Stewart Wade
Run the Numbers: Not Safe For Work Edition
WARNING: The images you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers who are just trying to have a nice little Friday morning and think positive thoughts about their weekend plans and just generally have a good day.
Aggie Basketball ranked #25 in preseason AP Poll
'Shop Class with Stewade: The Rudder Tower of Terror
As a special gift to the 12th Man this Halloween, we invite you to take a ride on the Rudder Tower of Terror ... and experience every nightmare an Aggie could possibly have. Happy (early) Halloween, Ags.
Texas A&M ranked #24 in Coaches Poll
After a wild week that featured seven Top 25 losses — including four in the Top 10 — the Aggies left The Swamp with a 19-17 victory and were rewarded with a Top 25 ranking of their own. Texas A&M comes in at #24 in the Coaches Poll, making its first appearance of 2017.
WATCH: Impromptu 'Spirit of Aggieland' breaks out as Aggies leave The Swamp
After the Ags took down the Gators at The Swamp, a good Ag (we assume), Louis Acosta, led the 12th Man in an impromptu singing of The Spirit of Aggieland. It was just as great as it sounds.
Run the Numbers: Texas A&M vs. Florida
No sharks were harmed in the making of this Run the Numbers. Human eyes, on the other hand, were not so lucky.
WATCH: Myles Garrett gets his first sack on the first snap of his NFL career
2 mo ago by Stewart Wade
This story needs no words. Just enjoy.
Run the Numbers: Texas A&M vs. #1 Alabama
We're gonna level with you: it's not good. So if you want to remain positive, you may just decide to sit this one out. But for those who venture inside, we've found plenty of (irrational) reasons why Texas A&M just might beat 26.5-point favorite Alabama. Grab your whiskey and let's RUN THE NUMBERS.
Run the Numbers: Texas A&M vs. South Carolina
Buckle up, Ags. We are just one day away from Texas A&M vs. South Carolina IV: The Battle for Bonham! A TROPHY IS ON THE LINE, PEOPLE. Who's ready for the greatest forced rivalry in all of the Southeastern Conference?? LET'S RUN THE NUMBERS!
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