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Scheschuk: LaViolette's freshman season a sign of an incredible future

June 6, 2023

During Tuesday morning's edition of TexAgs Radio, former Texas A&M baseball player John Scheschuk looked back at the 2023 season following Monday night's loss to Stanford. Scheschuk also shared his thoughts on Jace LaViolette's record-setting freshman season.

Key notes from John Scheschuk interview

  • To me, “Failure” is a strong word. If you don’t win the last game of the season, your goals aren’t achieved, so by definition, I guess it would be a failure. I look at it differently. I’d look at it as a disappointment. As a former player, I understand all that goes into it and the daily grind that is required to play at this level. A season is never a failure considering the live lessons you learn along the way. I know the listeners don’t want to hear that.
  • Specifically to this season, yes, it was disappointing. We all wish they would have won that regional and gone on to play Texas. It would have been a lot more fun. We all had some hope as they ran through the SEC Tournament that they could put together a magic run, but it didn’t happen.
  • I think the disappointment for me as a fan comes from last week in the SEC Tournament. We saw a couple of one-hitters and some lefties getting their legs under them late in the season. That was hopeful. I felt the lineup could produce. The lineup was still salty despite some of the averages being low. There was pop in there. Heck, you had Brett Minnich in the eight-hole. That’s a big weapon in the eight-hole in college baseball. Because the arms showed they might get it going during the SEC Tournament, it gave me hope for the regional. Again, it just did not happen. They could never get the guys on the mound going consistently throughout the season, and ultimately, it was just too much to overcome.
  • You can second-guess all day long. I saw some posts on TexAgs about Jack Moss’ single up the middle when Hunter Haas was running on the pitch. Do you try to force him in at that point? The offense never got it going, even though Nathan Dettmer pitched well.
  • Stanford’s Quinn Mathews was on point after throwing 114 pitches on Friday. He was impressive. He maintained his velocity throughout his outing. Overall, his aggressiveness, mentality and pitch mix was impressive in all counts. He was animated and really wanted that game. He is the Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year, so he’s no joke. A&M had their hands full with that roster.
  • Playoff baseball is all about two-out hits and getting guys in when it really counts. It’s about staying inside yourself as a hitter and not trying to do too much. A&M did not do that last night. If you don’t get clutch hits when it matters, you’re not going to win.
  • The fifth inning was a surprising sequence. We had a chance and didn’t get it done. I was shocked Saborn Campbell got a triple on that play. Jace LaViolette did a great job of getting to the line and cutting it off. The ball didn’t even roll to the fence. There was more space than I anticipated. I could not believe he got to third on that ball. Of course, he scored. We also know what happened in the later innings with the weak hits, Shane Sdao falling down and the pop-up into the gray sky. A lot of things went against A&M, but not getting the runs in the fifth followed by the triple were big plays for sure.
  • LaViolette’s future could be incredible. He is one of those guys that doesn’t come along very often. He’s an MLB-type guy playing college baseball. Look at his physicality, his size, his giftedness. His improvement over the year was special. He steadily grew up. He finished with 21 bombs and 18 stolen bases. It was an incredible season for him. He is the focal point of this team for the next two years. What a great weapon to have, and from what I hear, he’s a great kid. I don’t know him personally, but he seems to go to work every day. He had an incredible freshman season, one for the history books in A&M baseball.
  • Max Kaufer came on strong. Sdao was nails, and he pitched great last night. We expected a lot from Justin Lamkin as he got going through the middle of the season. I think he’ll continue to improve. I feel like Kaeden Kent is a high-ceiling guy. He has the pedigree with his dad, but he’s very toolsy. He has a lanky frame, but he’ll put some weight on. He seems to be a baseball junky. All of these guys have upside, but the roster can change a lot. They have a nucleus there for the team to build on next year.
  • Last year was literally our best season ever as it relates to advancing in Omaha. You have to credit the veterans for getting us to that level. Every report I’ve heard about them as human beings as great. I’m very appreciative of their effort and the results they generated at Texas A&M. It was a disappointing year for them for sure, and I think they’d all say the same thing. Quality human beings that performed at the highest level that our program has ever performed. You have to tip your cap to them and wish them the best as they move on.
  • I would tell Jack Moss to get his degree. That’s the No. 1 piece of advice I always have for young people. The baseball world is fleeting. I don’t know how much he has left, but I would advise him to get that degree before moving on. He also needs to weigh his options and decide about moving on. For me, it would be about getting that degree and finishing what you started.
  • Somehow, some way, Jim Schlossnagle has to get the strike-throwing improved. That’s stating the obvious, and he knows that too. As you move into the offseason, you have to figure out how to get that piece fixed. Lineup-wise, I think they’ll be pretty solid, and they played pretty good defense too. It has to start on the mound and not issuing so many free bases.
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Scheschuk: LaViolette's freshman season a sign of an incredible future

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Mark Fairchild
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Scheschuk speaking, "TRUTH"!
Gig'em, Ole Army Class of '70
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Great interview. Looking forward to next year.
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Great comments from John. From my perspective, this team performed beyond expectations. They overcame pitching challenges and streaky hitting to compete at a high level. Sure -- they could have gone another round, but I loved watching this team this year. This is exactly what college baseball is supposed to be -- a bunch of great guys that love the game coming together to make something more than the sum of their parts. Well done, guys. Can't wait until next year.
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Despite the setback I think the program is still headed up. Glad to see more freshman and fewer junior college transfers.
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