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Wideout Moose Muhammad embracing his newfound leadership role

December 15, 2022

Muhsin Muhammad III dazzled with a number of highlight-reel grabs down the stretch this fall. Courtesy of Pintail Hunting Club, Moose sat down for an exclusive interview to look back on his sophomore campaign, discuss becoming a leader on and off the field as well as much more.

Key notes from Muhsin Muhammad II interview

  • I'm going to Charlotte tomorrow and will be spending some time with the family.
  • It was necessary for us to beat LSU, to say the least. We struggled throughout the course of the year and had our ups and downs. It was necessary to get that win to show that we could compete with the best of the best.
  • Our coaches say it best: It was about consistency issues, whether that be false starts or small penalties with us shooting ourselves in the foot. We picked things up, and when we played the best competition, we were right there, toe-to-toe.
  • It definitely clicked for me because it all happened at once. Not only did I have a bad game against Arkansas with three penalties back to back, but with Ainias Smith going down in the same game, it was an opportunity for me. It was like a message from God and a lesson learned for me. It was go-time. I took it as my shot, and I was just waiting for my number to be called.
  • We called it the Jugs machine. I put that work in to have these hands. I've done it since I was young, and since I've been here, I've been focused on hand-eye coordination, whether it be one-handed catches or two-handed catches.
  • My awareness is a mixture of knowing the coverage and having poise. When the ball is in the air and the corner is behind you, knowing whether to throw your hands late or to back up is huge. In the Arkansas game on that post, I thought Max Johnson had thrown a jump ball, so that's why I slowed up. I was really hard on myself for that play.
  • On that touchdown against LSU, we were running a little slot fade. I got up on his toes and was high at contact. When he jammed me, he knocked me off my pad. I got a peak at the ball and could see him coming. I knew it was going to be close. It was shocking because I didn't realize it was going to play out like that. I just stuck my hand out there and made the grab. I heard the crowd that time, but it was so surreal. Not only getting up another score on LSU but making that play was just like, "Wow, this is amazing."
  • On a 50/50 ball, I have to come down with it. Quarterbacks throwing it up to us is everything.
  • You need both the running and passing game. You need the offensive line, the defensive line and the cornerbacks; you need every position to come together. That's the beauty of this game. If you don't have everything, you're going to have issues. It all came together in the last few games.
  • Conner Weigman is an all-around baller. It comes naturally to him. A lot of quarterbacks try to aim the ball, but with him, it just comes out naturally. He has power behind his throws. He's poised in the pocket. He did a great job this year with that. That kid is also a good person, which is where it starts. Being a good person and a good leader, and he can now let his actions do the talking.
  • Having Evan Stewart helps stress other areas of the defense. He helps me and helps the team out.
  • With the transfer portal, it's almost like the next level with free agency. Guys are looking for new things. They're looking around. I haven't experimented with the portal, so I don't have much of an opinion about it. It's definitely wild to see how many people across the country are in it thought. I wish everybody that is in the portal the best of luck.
  • It's awesome. You have to find beauty in the struggle and trust in the process. It's cliche, but it's really true. That goes for anything, on and off the field. If you don't find beauty in the grind, you'll get to the end and not have much to enjoy. I've enjoyed grinding and making my teammates better and showing them a better way to do it. There have been a number of guys embracing the grind.
  • Noah Thomas is a workhorse. That's all I have to say. He has inspired me. It's good to have young guys come in and be observant and good listeners. Noah has done that.
  • I try not to think about the sleeve thing too much. Jimbo Fisher and I put it passed us. We met about it, and I talked to another couple of coaches about it. I came back and finished the season strong.
  • I cannot believe I signed with Texas A&M three years ago now. Time flies.
  • Similarities with my dad include that we both work hard, our hands and that we're both team players. I think my parents are loving it all and are proud of the person I've become. You mentioned recruiting, and I had a chance to go to Carolina and a number of schools on the east coast, but I packed my bags and came to Texas A&M. I think they're proud of the fact that I've spread my wings and taken care of my business.
  • I feel a connection with the 12th Man. Every time I step on the field, I feel the energy behind us. All of my teammates feel that. They make us go.
  • We're keeping the standard the standard. We have a standard, and it doesn't go up or down. The standard remains the standard, and every day, you have to take care of business. I'm excited to be in a leadership position. I know I have to work on my vocal leadership because I've always been a lead-by-example guy.
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Wideout Moose Muhammad embracing his newfound leadership role

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really glad this guy is coming back. he is a baller and also seems to have a good head in his shoulders. put the sleev issue behind him which shows maturity even if it was an immature act. really like watching this kid play he is a pro.
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I hope Moose can lead some of his teammates to hang around. 22 and climbing in the transfer portal. Granted, most were not starters but that is a lot of depth to lose.
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Papa Joe
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Great interview from a future leader of the Aggie offense!
Where can I buy those sleeves?
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