Great win... They haven't come easy this weekend. Mississippi State has really made us work for them, they haven't gone down without a fight. Just shows the resiliency that we have, it's been on display all season... Another series win clinched with an opportunity to sweep today. Fantastic consistency in terms of getting the job done now 6 series in a row. Impressive stuff.

Tucker competed well. Stuff was solid, he threw strikes which is key. It matters in terms of limiting free passes and keeping things under control... He gave us a chance. Held his velo well and pounded the zone. Couple mistakes, just left some pitches middle and Miss St. will make you pay for those. He also executed really well to Cumbest who has been a tough out all weekend. Good effort overall. Cortez was fantastic. Best breaking ball he's had all year... Change was great also, nice downward dive. He's obviously been working behind the scenes a ton on his secondary, major credit to him and Yeskie as it paid off huge yesterday. Sharp, locating his fastball also and premium velocity. Just awesome. Seems like we have at least one great long relief outing per weekend and this time it was Cortez.

Offense with another really good performance. 5 BB's and only 4 K's, including just 3 K's in 6 IP from Johnson who leads the conference in strikeouts. Stellar job putting the ball in play. Rock had a big swing on the HR early, gave us life. Awesome game for Werner. He's starting to put everything together. Aggressive swing on a 0-0 pitch during Ball 5 chant, saw a pitch middle and hammered it. Great piece of hitting in the 8th, smoked it the other way. He's a dynamic talent... Kaler was fantastic yesterday also. He started every rally... Was a sparkplug. Moss had the huge swing on the oppo double and a massive pick in the dirt defensively in the 9th.

Just an all around team win... A bunch of guys contributed. That's another theme this year, we have a deep group and so many people can make an impact. Love our determination and that mindset has proven crucial for us. We've won the weekend and now can try for the sweep... This team just keeps getting it done & it's been impressive. Really excited for the finale today.