Wasn't our day. Another big hole to climb out of and just couldn't quite do it two days in a row. A little troubling getting out to the big deficits in back to back games... The ballpark was definitely extremely offensive this weekend though. I think that had something to do with it for sure. Shake it off, no midweek so a lot of time to look at everything before Mississippi St... And bottom line it was still another SEC series win.

Prager threw the ball well. A lot of strikes, pitch count got a bit elevated... SC did a good job fouling off some pitches. He's still working on putting away hitters, it'll come. Prager is very composed though, it's uncommon for a true freshman. Rudis has a similar demeanor and those 2 have really bright futures... Tough day for Rudis in this one, he's in a bit of a rut but there are always bumps in the road for freshmen. Maybe still working on pitch selection and just made a couple mistakes yesterday... He's had a really good year, this is great experience for him going forward. He knows how to pitch & will be a huge contributor for this team. Solid outing for Hogan. Definitely going to need him down the stretch... Bit of a hiccup for Johnston. It happens, he's been very good overall.

I'm still not sure about the lineup. I don't know if there's a real natural leadoff option other than Kaler and maybe Rock... I love Werner's ability and he is a phenomenal athlete. He is still working to get everything in sync though... With our pitching sorting through some things, and again I think some of that was due to the ballpark playing small, but we need our offense to be really good... I just hope moving Kaler doesn't mess with the continuity. We have scored so many runs with him leading off. And he had a couple great swings yesterday. We'll see. The talent is all still there either way. I believe in this team overall, the bats, the pitching staff, so we just need to play our best the rest of the way.

We definitely have some things to look at this week and I think it's nice to stay at home again for two straight weekends.... But this team has been very consistent in terms of winning series. That's really all you can ask in this league. It's been such a great year and the finish line is in sight... A long way to go though at the same time in terms of deciding everything going into the postseason. Obviously just need to stay focused on Mississippi State, they will be scratching and clawing for a series win and they do have a lot of talent... Need to keep up all the grit and competitiveness that we've shown, think it's part of this team's identity definitely. Looking forward to these last two series... Should be awesome.