A little disappointing... Another game 2 loss and this one was pretty winnable. Just didn't have the vibes... These days happen though, that's why there's 55+ games a year. It's not games like yesterday that define you, it's the totality of the season.

Dallas just hasn't quite been the same since the UT game. Could be a complete coincidence, who knows... I love his stuff, his demeanor, competitiveness... He's just been missing with his location. Maybe didn't throw quite enough sliders yesterday? I don't know... Just leaving pitches up, maybe needs a small adjustment somewhere to get locked back in. Fabulous performance by Menefee... Pickoff seemed to give him a little jolt and then he was lights out. Was impeccable outside that 0-2 walk... Fantastic job of keeping the game within reach. Threw the ball right to the glove... Was dealing.

The offense has not been themselves this series. Arky's starters have honestly not pitched all that great... Command has been mediocre. Not as good as I imagine it typically is. Smith was way off yesterday. First part of the game our approach was not the same as it has been... Taking too many hittable pitches, swinging at balls out of the zone in hitters counts. The ABs got better later in the game, had a lot of aggressive swings at pitches in the zone and squared up a bunch of balls. Some bad luck though... Overall, just one of those days. I'm sure we will put some runs today.

Games like this happen over the course of the year. Turn the page and come out with some fire today, that's why winning game one was so big... Every chance to grab the W today and get a huge series win. Crowd should be awesome again... Got guys like Cortez, Rudis, and Hogan ready to go on the mound also.