Wow. A lot to clean up. First off Dallas was tremendous obviously and should be a stalwart this year. His breaking ball was filthy. Huge getting him in the fold this season. Obviously the offense needs work. The walks are great but guys are passive at times. Too many taken strike 3's that are definitely in the zone. Just not squaring up enough pitches in general.

I was excited about Kaler but I think he might need a game or two off. He is struggling on both sides of the ball. Righty swing has looked pretty good at least. But defensively it's been rough at 3rd. That ball in the 8th, the play's at second, could've been a double play. I'm sure he'll play better but maybe he's not totally comfortable at 3rd... Might need a bit of time off to clear his head.

Early in the year but this team shouldn't be losing 2 out of 3 to Penn.... Too much ability for that and it's at home. I will say Penn's arms impressed me overall and I'd bet their staff will be very good in the Ivy this year.