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Texas A&M Football Recruiting

Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

July 28, 2021

Key notes from Recruiting Country

  • I've already started making my high school football schedule, and I'm super pumped about that. We had Brazos Valley media day yesterday, which is right on the cusp of two-a-days around the country. Football is right around the corner.
  • These camps and media days are huge for us. We go to Under Armour camps and The Opening or Jimbo Fisher camps here in town. Those are huge for us getting pictures of kids, so we don't have to use the same ones repeatedly. 
  • Jason Howell is the man in DFW, and he was all over the Jadon Scarlett‍ commitment. He is a kid that is much like Jarred Kerr‍, Martrell Harris‍ and Noah Thomas‍ that they've been on early even though they're in on Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy‍ and others. When you watch his tape, you see Justin Madubuike and Daylon Mack in his game. He's a little shorter, compact and explosive. He makes a ton of plays behind or at the line of scrimmage because he's so mobile.
  • Scarlett fits something that Elijah Robinson was looking for. They're after some big names on the interior, but Elijah likes these shorter guys that can stay on the field in passing downs. They've had some success with those types of players as well.
  • It's too early to say what the SEC expansion stuff has had regarding an impact on recruiting. By the time you get to 2024, it'll kick in and perhaps sooner. Look, I was taken aback by some of the fanbase's response in response to this move by the SEC. I get that it pissed a lot of people off, but the SEC is not the only thing A&M had to sell. To say that is so shortsighted and ignorant to what's happening across the street.
  • Jimbo Fisher has done such a great job of eliminating BAS from the fanbase. One negative thing happens, and it's back. If you read our message board, some were saying we'd never get another player. Fisher signed top-five classes over and over at Florida State with Florida and Miami in the state. Mike Elko had no trouble getting players at Notre Dame.
  • Having the SEC was an advantage, but now you'll go head to head with Steve Sarkisian and Lincoln Riley, and you're concerned? No. A&M has a ten-year head start and knows the lay of the land because it's different in this league. They've recruited against Alabama and LSU. So why are you worried about Texas and Oklahoma?
  • A&M has dealt with Texas their entire existence. We know how the narrative gets spun. So why are you letting it affect you? It reached a point where I was putting out our content and not even reading our message board.
  • I won't get into a lot of the names, but I think every commit will be here this weekend for the pool party. That will help A&M pull on these uncommitted kids.
  • If my count is right, there are ten or 11 kids that are considered five-stars coming to town. This is another time I'm saying this is the best collection of talent that Texas A&M has ever brought to campus, and I've said that a few times. This might be the best group of talent that has ever come to College Station for a recruiting event. If you want to know every name on the list, be a TexAgs Premium subscriber. There are some surprises there, including some five-stars from out of state that have never been to this campus before.
  • This is the last chance for Texas A&M to get these kids on campus before starting another dead period, which is the stupidest thing. Saturday is the last chance for A&M to interact with these recruits before they head into their high school season. Some of these kids want to make a preseason decision. These are the final days of the recruitments for some of these kids, so it is a big weekend to nail your points home in this last weekend. It's big for the individuals coming in and A&M's ability to close on them.
  • Being in-person certainly helps. When guys like Bobby Taylor‍, Conner Weigman‍ and Donovan Green‍ are coming in to help get you in the boat, it'll resonate with some of those big-time guys. For the most part, these kids make their own decisions. Every one of these kids has aspirations to play in the NFL, but it'll help if their buddies are going to a school. However, when they sit down to make their decision, most will do what they think is best for them regardless of where their friends are going.
  • Troy Claunch is a first-team All-Pac-12 catcher. After Kyle Lovelace signed with the Angels, I said they were going to find a catcher in the transfer portal, and they found a big-time one. It's Jimbo-esque recruiting. There is no question that Jim Schlossnagle is trying to build the best baseball team he can for 2022 while building his program through high school recruiting. He's trying to build the on-field momentum to run into the recruiting trail. They've been all over the country recruiting high school kids, but he has absolutely strengthened next year's team.
  • Schlossnagle wants Aggie baseball to be the thing to do in the spring. Olsen Field had gotten a little stale, but with his momentum and the future renovations, it'll put a shot of life into the place. I think he'll make good on that promise.
  • I think Johnny Manziel said it best the other day. Sack up, play the game. Texas A&M has the best head coach in the country. Go win.
  • We have our eyes on a few names this weekend, regardless if they're at the pool party this weekend or not.
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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

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Bill Superman
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Ain't nobody scared of them joining our league, we just need to make sure that we pull all of the political strings in our favor before they do, and we all know that they will try.

I was pissed at first like most but it looks like it's happening so I guess we gotta embrace it and get ready to dominate. Glad we got a 10 year head start. It's all about coaching staff and we have that in spades.
Stringfellow Hawke
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Are two-a- days still a thing?
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Great interview and thanks Brauny for your insight.
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I want a 5 star commitment this weekend
SEC Champs
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Never been to an Aggie baseball game. I was too busy making up for my fall semester grades.
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SEC Champs said:

Never been to an Aggie baseball game. I was too busy making up for my fall semester grades.

You should go sometime. Completely different experience than football, but those that like baseball even a little bit would say the experience is on par
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