Great read! Glad I found another place to hear about aggie baseball (Bryan Eagle does very well too).

And it's right there with that game two Vandy game as the win of the season so far.

My recollection of that game is that for the first 6 or 7 innings we looked as bad as we did in the first Vandy game, then suddenly came to life and have mostly looked good since. I have wondered about that. Even when we were winning, we didn't look solid. We looked good at the Shriners games. We looked bad at DBU, then again in game 1 with Vandy. Saturday wasn't looking any better and then Ducoff comes in and gets a couple of big hits, the team gets excited, and we got hot and stayed hot for quite awhile. Any idea what was going on? Shewmake began to wake up around that time, too, I think.

Aggies have some tough games ahead, but they look so much better than earlier. A little more consistency would be nice, but I'm happy. What I saw early and what I'm seeing now are just not the same team.