Well, I think it's time to face the facts. We're a second tier team at best and will be for the foreseeable future. I'd say we're more likely to finish mid table than we are 2nd. Supporting United now is what I assume it was like supporting them in the 80s. Let's hope our version of the 90s comes sooner rather than later.

6th place just isn't going to cut it. Mourinho didn't last the season and after an impressive start, Ole won 2 of his final 12 games. We've all talked about what needs to happen this season. At least 7-8 players need to go, we need a proper DoF in yesterday, and we need some young talent that doesn't mind not playing CL football and that the top clubs aren't interested in...which won't be easy to find.

Will it happen? Will we see some, any, improvement in how things are run and on the field performances? Who the hell knows but I'll be rolling with the squad nonetheless. Man United will never die.