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Photos of the Pelini attack (YouTube video added)

Special thanks to TexAgs poster jlag95 for sending us these photos he captured Saturday night...

Photos taken by jlag95 from the top of The Zone.

Carl Pelini seen in black shirt and khaki pants yelling at Aggie.

Pelini seen lunging towards Brandon Jones.

Pelini attempting to wrestle camera from Brandon.

More struggle.

YouTube Video. Share it!

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Never speak of "class" again as long as a Pelini is on your sideline

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good thing he was "helping a player through the crowd".....even though there isnt a Nebraska player within 20 ft of him.

What a baby
Nice job finding and zooming in on this.
Brandon, you had in perfect position for O Goshi.
The Huskers are poorly represented by the Pelinis, but that doesn't make the entire fan-base and school classless.

Great shots of a stupid, classless stunt. Not the fans' fault. I'll fault Nebraska if they don't deal with his behavior, but they can't keep him from acting like a fool (unless they fire him).

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Well, more likely Ippon Seoinage but o goshi would have been easier.

Either way you should have layed his ass to the ground.
What's he going to say about it now? I knew someone had to have caught this dewsher in the act.
Carl has an interesting way of helping his players off the field. Perhaps he thought the camera was a player?
Looking forward to the excuses now...
Oh, dear...

Caught on more than one camera...
Adios mofo...
this needs to get to ESPN, the NCAA and Nebraska administration.

If Nebraska does nothing, you would think that the NCAA would have to get involved and force some serious penalty. They absolutely cannot allow a coach to lose it like that on anyone, especially a member of the media after the game.

This will not end well for Carl Pelini.
What a dooooosh. NU fans you deserve better than this.....
Looks like Brandon is getting a new house on behalf of the taxpayers of Nebraska, bc of carls attack. Wow, that is way worse than the video.
Back and to the left!

[This message has been edited by trip (edited 11/22/2010 10:03a).]
if you want the NCAA or neb. to make this an issue dont let it die....otherwise it will die out
Boom goes the dynamite.
I think Pelini should sponsor TexAgs for a few years.
This will be knoxed.
I think Pelini should sponsor TexAgs for a few years.

Awesome, glad you found some pictures of it.
This will be knoxed.

I laughed. Can you imagine Benjamin Knox painting a Pellini? I mean, what's he going to do to someone that starts out ugly?
His actions are of that of a crazy person.

Who tries to grab a video camera because you lost an f-ing football game?

What a punk.
Post these pics on youtube
dont let it die....otherwise it will die out

I think this is an import point...because it's important
This needs to be emailed to Nebraska, NCAA, Byrne, ESPN, and anyone else you can think of...
"The Huskers are poorly represented by the Pelinis, but that doesn't make the entire fan-base and school classless."

Actually, it does. If you are an angel, yet hire a thug to do your dirty work, then you are NO ANGEL!!! If you talk about class, but stoop so low as to hire thugs like the Pelinis, then you loose that cred. You can't say we are THE CLASS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL, then hire street trash to coach your team. Doesn't work that way.

That is like saying that everyone in the United States thinks exactly like Obama, because, well, he was elected as president, right?
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