full quill ostrich boots

I am looking into getting a pair relatively soon. I was at cavendars in houston a few weeks ago and couldnt quite find one that fit like i wanted. Perhaps my foot is slightly narrower than the average boot wearer. They seemed to be a little looser on top. They were Larry Mahan. I passed on them because i dont want to spend the money on a pair that i dont really love.
Any suggestions? Other brands or stores that people might recommend?

oh, im not living in Houston any more (in utah now) but i fly to houston pretty often.

Anderson Bean


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+1 on Anderson Bean. You can also order them from Cowboy Warehouse for pretty decent prices.

I have a pair of these and love them.
I assume Lucchese has Ostrich boots. I have a pair(not ostrich) and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I have had a couple of pairs of custom made boots that weren't as comfortable.
Not to be rude but cavendars has plenty of help running around the store asking to help you out. Did you think to ask them?
I recieved plenty of help at cavendars. They took good care of me. I just was asking for some opinions from the outdoor board. Like i mentioned, I want to spend the money on a good pair I really like.
I bought a pair of Buitre (I think its Spanish for Vulture) brand full quill ostrich in Mexico. I like them and they were obviously much cheaper than in the states.

If you are planning on heading down Mexico-way any time soon, Id check out one of their boot stores.
I'm thinking elephant or bison next.

"Anderson Bean Boot Company Calling all AB Fans!!! In order to better serve you, we have recently decided to build special orders at Anderson Bean! That's right, you can now order any style you want from any AB dealer. For many years retailers had to order 3-6 pairs per style, but we will now build single pairs for a marginal charge. Merry Christmas in August! August 10 at 5:55pm "

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You should call the lucchese outlet store in el paso. They have fabulous deals.
Try other Cavenders. I have found that every boot is made slightly different and fits different. I have bought almost all my boots from cavenders, including Anderson Bean, Tony Lama and Luchese. Make sure they fit perfect cause they should last for several years.

My recommendation is to try other stores and other boots and hopefully you will find a pair that fits right.
Top 3 Choices in order:

Rios of Mercedes (own a pair of non-ostrich)
Anderson Bean (have the FQ Aggie boots pictured above on order)
Lucchese (own 2 pair of ostrich)

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I have a pair of the Lucchese full quill ostrich and I love them. Great boots.

I wear them with my suits.
2 pr of Lucchese and love them.
Just remember with cavenders, yes they work on commission, so if they piss you off go to another salesman!
Lucchese's always seemed to fit my foot more narrow than other brands - e.g. Justin, Tony Lama, Olathe, Ariat. If you feel like the Larry Mahan's are too wide, you should really try the Lucchese's on. I can't comment on Anderson Beans or Rios boots since I've never tried them on.

If you can swing it financially, ask for the "real" Lucchese's, and not what used to be called Lucchese 2000. I don't know if they've changed the name in the last ten years, but Lucchese 2000 were/are Lucchese's attempt to compete at a lower price point. I believe back in the day, the "real" Lucchese's were called Lucchese Classics...maybe they still are.
They still had the two different marks when I was selling a year ago.
Lucchese, and it's not even close. I have a pair of full quill ostrich Lucchese's and I love'em. Would rather wear them than tennis shoes.
Full Quill Lucchese Black Cherry (basically a marbled maroon) here
Have a pair of Lucchese peanut brittle full quill. Have replaced the soles 3 times and still going strong.

Lucchese, and it's not even close.

Are you a Lucchese rep or what? It's not even close? Come on now. The guy asked for some advice. Give him your 2 cents, but don't fill him full of crap with your biased opinion. There are several other Texas boot companies out there that make very good boots and might even be better than Luccheses.
Ariat are crap IMHO... and made in China... I don't trust them to make a quality boot.

And, the ONE pair of Ariats I have owned blew out in a year... screw em.

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I got a couple of pairs from Nocona at their factory outlet. VERY well priced and size fits true. Being in Utah doesn't help, but you could call them and have them send you a pair. All total, I have 4 pairs of Nocona boots and they are nice boots.
I've got two pair of Ariats but they are cheap, and I paid really low prices for them. I beat them up and don't care about them. My nice hand made america boots get cleaned and conditioned.

Find a good boot maker in your area or somewhere that you don't mind driving to get measured and pick them up and order you a hand made pair. Nothing beats a pair of custom boots. I had a pair of burgandy full quills made for about the same amount as most of the big names that you can buy at the big box retailers. If you're going to spend the money, spend a little extra and get a perfect fit.
I own a pair of nicer ariats, and worked in them for two months, on my feet 6 days a week walking a sales floor and concrete......ariats are not crappy boots. I've sold tons of them, from play dayers to daily wear.

When you go to look at full quills, just the Justin AQHA crepe soles btw. I put my brother in a pair not long before I quit, he loves them.
None of the boots I have store bought have ever been particularly comfortable.

I only have one pair of custom made boots and they were made by Armando Rios. From the first time I pulled them on they fit great. They were snake boots and I spent time walking through south Texas sand on Nilgai stalks and turkey hunting. They felt great all day.

Custom boots ain't cheap but they will last a lifetime.
Ag of 08... I can only speak from my experience. The Ariats I owned lasted less than a year, and I have NEVER had another pair of boots do that since I have reached adulthood.

Add in that they are made in China, and this cowboy ain't buying what you were selling.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-Thomas Jefferson
The nicest line of Lucchese's are still called Classics. Great quality boots, some of the other lines are still nice though.
Well I don't want to drop 3 bills on luchesses, so what is a good black dress boot for around $150?

Has to be made in Texas and look good with jeans or slacks.
unless you find a great sale, you aren't getting a decent pair of full quill for 150, made in Texas or not.
so what is a good black dress boot for around $150?

Won't find full quill for that price
Mahan is halfway decent.

Look at the justin AQHA crepe soles I recommended above. They wont be the full quills for that price, but they are very comfy boots.
You don't wear crepe soles with slacks. Ever.
I would go with cow or calf, why are full quill so popular?
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