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Conner Weigman says the Ags are ready to attack SEC play next week

September 17, 2023

Conner Weigman completed 86 percent of his passes and threw for 337 yards in a Saturday drubbing of Louisiana Monroe. With SEC play beginning next weekend, the sophomore signal-caller sat down for another exclusive one-on-one courtesy of the Pintail Hunting Club.

Key notes from Conner Weigman interview

  • We made it a point to make sure there was no hangover after Miami. We had a players-only team meeting to get it all ironed out. We got all of that kid stuff out the window.
  • It’s cool to see us score every single time we touch the football. That has been my mindset ever since I’ve been playing football, and Bobby Petrino is the same way. When we get the ball, we’re going to score. Don’t let up. On Saturday at halftime, there was no laughing or giggling. We were going to keep our foot on their neck and keep going.
  • It’s huge for Ainias Smith to be a big part of what we do offensively. We have to get him the ball and let him go to work. We have to get him the ball. He’s too much of a playmaker and difference maker to not get him the ball.
  • Jahdae Walker comes to work every single day with positive energy. It’s cool to have someone like that. He’s always there. He gives 100 percent energy and effort. He always has a smile on his face. For me, that’s really cool to see. On the bubble to Ainias, he pancaked a guy. That was awesome.
  • We had a good game plan going in, and we knew they were going to have a lot of cover two against us. As soon as I saw that safety out wide, I knew I had Walker for the score.
  • The offensive line was great this week. They were super. They were good against Miami too. I keep telling them to keep working. I want them to know they’re appreciated, and they need to know that they’re with us every step of the way.
  • I was sore this week. Sunday after Miami was just like a normal Sunday though.
  • I hate to lose. I hate that feeling. I try to get that point across to everyone. The difference between last Saturday and this one is so much better.
  • Colorado-Colorado State last night was crazy. It was awesome. It was chippy out there. It was crazy. Shedeur Sanders is really good with his feet in the pocket. He’s great at buying some more time and getting his throws off. He works on his mechanics a lot. He’s well-coached, and he plays hard.
  • The first play of the game made me mad. It should’ve been a touchdown.
  • We try to push the envelope a little bit to see what we can do early on. We want to push the ball down the field and get into a rhythm.
  • We had to get the tight ends incorporated into our offense. Just like with Ainais, there is no way we shouldn’t be getting them involved. Jake Johnson has sure hands. Max Wright has sure hands. We just have to get them the ball and let them eat. It’s an easy ball with them. I can put it out there, and they can go get it. They work very hard, and they run good routes.
  • It’ll be good to get the running backs going. All three guys have juice, and they’re good at different things. To get all of them going would be huge. They’ve got some stuff going. I’m just waiting for them to break a big one. They have confidence, and we have confidence in them too. It’s going to pop eventually.
  • Auburn is going to be fun. We’re going to be ready to go. It’s SEC play. It’s time to put our big-boy pants on and strap it up.
  • We didn’t lose that much confidence after Miami. We know what we have. We know the talent we have. We have to put it together on Saturdays, and that’s what was frustrating about that game two weeks ago because Miami wasn’t better than us. Now we know we have to refocus and put our big-boy pants on.
  • We try to take it one week at a time. We’re only focused on the opponent we have now. I feel like people have shown progress in that this week, and they’re picking that up.
  • The Colorado game was wild from the first place all the way to the end. I watched the whole game. It was crazy. Deion’s son having a pick-six was really cool. I wish he had hit the little shuffle like his dad.
  • I feel like we can line up with anyone in the entire country and have the guys to get it done. We have to execute and play our game. We can’t let anybody else dictate what’s going on.
  • Each day, you can see the difference in this team. We’re getting better day by day. It’s really cool to see the growth in everyone, and we’re ready for SEC play.
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Conner Weigman says the Ags are ready to attack SEC play next week

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Kids a winner. Great mentality. I think like me he hates losing more than he likes winning.

I think as long as BP calls all our plays CW will have this team doing things we didn't believe possible since the L to Miami.

Gig'em Wiggy!
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LOOOVE this kids mental attitude. Hes aggressive and thats a helluva combo with his skill set.
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big red dog
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Gig em Conner. Great things in your future young man.
nu awlins ag
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As I stated, Bucky with better passing skills although Bucky's last season wasn't that bad passing.
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