3. Mark Thurmond - 1977 - 10-2, 1.89 ERA

As a proud member of the class of '77, Aggie Baseball will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up a diehard tsip but went to TAMU because of my desired degree program. The fall of '73 was Emory Bellard's second campaign as head football coach and I just couldn't bring myself to root for the Ags because the program hadn't blossomed yet. The roundball teams were always competitive and with Dr. Shelby Metcalf at the helm, they were worth a look. That might have gotten the needle inserted, but the transfusion of maroon blood for orange took place in the spring with the Aggie baseball team. We were in the hunt for an SWC crown with the champion being crowned following the final regular season game as a winner take all showdown with the tsippers.in Austin. I realized something had changed as I yelled for the Ags. Alas, we ran out of innings, but the die was cast. Been an unwavering Aggie ever since.