Tough one. Flush it and move on... Vandy's a very good team and they're at home, they came out and got it done in this one. They would've been in major trouble this series if not... Again, that's why winning game 1's are so big. We've had some issues in game 2's but still have a great shot at taking the series today like we've done the past few weekends.

Thought Dallas' stuff looked good early in terms of velo, saw a 93... This is definitely a rough patch for him but it's obvious what he's capable of, we've seen the great performances. He knows how to pitch so I'm sure he'll get through this stretch soon, the talent & experience is there.... Hasn't been going his way lately but have to keep pushing & fighting, plenty of season left. Solid work by Wyatt and Lovett finishing out the game, 3 hits in 4 innings. A lot of arms fresh for today.

Wasn't our day offensively, you'll run into pitchers in this league who it'll obviously be difficult against on certain days... Holton has very good stuff. On the plus side Little is now burned for today and he's a nice arm for them.

This team has shown over and over that they have the ability to bounce back from a bad day & rebound with great wins... Every opportunity to do the same today. Definitely expect the offense to put up some runs as we've been doing in game 3's lately. Would be another major notch on our belt with this series W but either way continuing to love how this team competes... Excited to head down the stretch in SEC play.