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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

October 6, 2021

Key notes from Recruiting Country

  • It's interesting because the atmosphere on Saturday night at Kyle field looked really good, and we were asking people who said it sounds great. Some of the kids and people who were inside Kyle Field said it was terrific and got really, really loud. The experience for a lot of the kids has been overwhelmingly positive for Texas A&M.
  • Brenen Thompson‍, the athlete from Spearman, is going to make a decision today, and I do not expect it to be Texas A&M. He was supposed to be here this weekend for the Alabama game, but he had surgery recently and is struggling to get around on his scooter a bit. Texas doesn't try to hide it when they're getting kids. It sounds like some folks around him favored Texas, and with Texas moving to the SEC, it helped Texas build momentum.
  • If you go through the season, what happens after Alabama is a huge deal. The season on the field is one thing, and the season off the field with the recruiting class is another. They're reaching a point where they're of equal importance. Can you reach 8-4? Can you say that 8-4 isn't what you wanted but point to what you were missing? It's not ideal, but it is a way to explain what has happened.
  • If you look at college football as a whole right now, it's Alabama, Georgia and then what? If you're an A&M fan, you probably don't care what LSU or Texas does. You can't be that myopic when looking at it as a recruiting situation. Sure, the season hasn't gone how A&M had hoped. The season is in a bad spot, but the program is not. Look at what they have on the roster and the track record of the coaches as on-field coaches and recruiters. The young talent is getting better. Without a starting quarterback, that's a big deal.
  • There are a lot of ways you can go into the offseason and continue to sell this program if you can get to that 8-4 mark. If you can win your next three after Alabama, the recruiting pitch becomes more understandable.
  • I hate speculating whether or not A&M is going to lose guys. There will be guys that will be tough to keep, but until we get concrete evidence — and we don't have that right now that any kid is going to back away from his commitment to A&M — it does more harm than good to put rumors out there. If we do get that evidence, in our own TexAgs way, we will let the subscribers know.
  • The December signing period is usually a three-day window right before Christmas. Watch our High School Football Show. We get into a lot of the underrated players in both Houston and Dallas.
  • Right now, I'm not expecting any unexpected flips to Texas A&M.
  • Walter Nolen‍ is a five-star defensive tackle out of Tennessee. He will be in this weekend for a visit. His name has come up a bunch as a guy that Texas A&M is right there in the mix for. When they came for the pool party, he made some connections and felt at home with the coaching staff and in College Station. Going into this weekend, A&M has positioned himself pretty well for this kid.
  • Bryce Anderson‍ is committed. Jarred Kerr‍ is a kid that Mike Elko and Jimbo Fisher never wavered on. It's unfortunate that he got injured this year and missed a lot of action, but when a coaching staff goes about a recruitment like they did with Jarred, it makes you feel good about a kid. Deyon Bouie‍ is a really good defensive back, and A&M will have to fight Georgia to keep him. The Aggies are also right at the top and center for Jacoby Mathews‍. They're attacking the defensive backfield pretty hard.
  • Taj Harris is a recent transfer portal entry from Syracuse. He's originally from New Jersey, and Elijah Robinson and Mike Elko have some serious connections up there. That will be a fight, and Billy just dropped some notes on what A&M is looking to do in the portal this morning, so subscribe.
  • When your house is on fire, you don't notice that your neighbors' houses are on fire. That might be happening with the A&M fan base. Maybe just a room is on fire for the Aggies, and if they can put that fire out, maybe they'll be able to sell their house the easiest on signing day. There's one in Baton Rouge that is going to have a lot of burn damage. There is still a lot of football to be played and narratives to be changed going into signing day.
  • Alabama is going to pop up on the radar somewhere down the stretch for sure. Don't be surprised if a current commit or a prime target that hasn't been involved with Alabama all of a sudden gets involved with Alabama.
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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

6,928 Views | 7 Replies | Last: 2 yr ago by Bill Superman
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No need to panic regarding recruiting today.
Lots of football to be played.
It's going to be a huge challenge but I think eight and four record is possible.
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So Braunny has unwaveringly said that records don't matter, but now it sounds like anything worse than 8-4 is big, big trouble for the Ags, and the best we can hope for is to not lose anyone vs. getting others to flip? Holy crap.

This team is 3-3 after this weekend, with a probable loss to Ole Miss - now you're looking at sweeping Auburn and LSU?

Not Good.

By the way, "house on fire" LSU managed to beat Miss St., and has the same record as us.

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that last note screams Chris Marshall
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Sounds like we were in line for a top 3 class now will need to hang on for life to finish top 10 class…. Anyone watch this offense can't think there is any shot we finish 8-4..
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That was full of optimism.
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We losing errrrrbody
Bill Superman
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Geez, that full on meltdown mode hits quick.
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