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Former Texas A&M QB Jimmy Wright makes his triumphant return to radio

October 22, 2019

Key notes from Jimmy Wright interview

  • I'm doing pretty good in recovery. I want to thank all these TexAgs listeners and members because I really appreciated all the love and support. My wife and I send thanks. When you can't see, walk, or eat, you're in a heck of a mess. I want to thank all the great people who sent emails and messages. I needed all the help I could get from the end of May to August 16 when I had surgery, and I've improved drastically from then. I live by six "F’s" — family, faith, friends, finance, facts, and football.
  • It's difficult when you lose 14 starters. A&M lost ten players on defense with 25 years of combined experience, including Alaka, Durham, Dodson, and Keke. Kingsley Keke gave effort, played hard, and was a true Aggie. The offense lost production and leaders with Sutherland at left guard and the injury of McCollum.
  • The offensive line has to get that middle solved. Clemson showed our weakness of offense by blitzing and made it hard for Hocker, Prater, and Green. Then Auburn and Alabama showed a different rush. It's been a tough year in pass protection with a bunch of young kids who haven't started before. If you've got gap responsibility, be there and contain; it's your job.
  • I feel great about the future. I understand that your probability of winning depends on your schedule. As a coach, I graded Auburn in the spring, and the team looked as good as when we played them. In the spring, Joe Burrow's passing game flourished, and it translated to this season. That's how we have to improve. We're not quick against the good teams; that's why recruiting is essential. Smith is like a lightning bolt and thinks he's going to score on every punt return or kickoff. I hope Coach Fisher plays him more like he said he would.
  • The problem with this team is young players are trying to replace an offense that had 23 years of experience. There's only one senior starting. Mann slipped a little bit in one or two games but had great punts against Ole Miss and now leads the punt average in the nation. I want fans to know that the players are following the coach's play calling. They're making mental mistakes because the game is still fast for young players. I'm seeing guys improve, and expectations are high. It's hard to deliver on those expectations with that many young players. After looking at the schedule, I prayed for 7-3 going into Georgia. Just win, no matter by how much.
  • How A&M will get to 7-3 is by eliminating turnovers. For example, we were down 14-3 at the half against Auburn, and Coach Fisher gave a good talk. Then, the first play after the kickoff to us was a run for nine and a half yards. It resulted in a fumble and a touchdown for Auburn. That was the game right there.
  • People need to get on the side of Kellen Mond. He's shown guts, perseverance, and toughness. When Mond runs, he gives the offense a lift, and we execute better. Against Ole Miss, he had two interceptions, one touchdown, and 57% completions. He's going to average 63.5%, and 62.5% is a winning number; he's playing winning football. When you pass, you need protection and receivers running their routes. Quartney Davis and Ainias Smith are the fastest. We've got to run the ball better; Ole Miss averaged 5.4 yards against us while we were at 4.3. We have to get the rushing yards in the 200s. Wydermyer is playing better and improving as a freshman. Mond is going to play outstanding this Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
  • I appreciate the help and support of TexAgs. My wife, Millie Jean, has been a fantastic caregiver throughout this time. When you get ill, you can't forget about Aggies because they're the greatest. The Aggie community, family, friends, and church have all helped me.
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Former Texas A&M QB Jimmy Wright makes his triumphant return to radio

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If only Coach Bryant had let Jimmy throw just a few more times in certain situations against Rice, tu and UT, we may have won an NC. Just sayin'. Jimmy was terrific passer.
Thirsty Third
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Jimmy sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I like the tone of it!
Highway 6 runs both ways...
Buford T. Justice
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Great to hear that Jimmy is back!
Great guy!
Very knowledgeable!
Just a great man!
"Gimme a diablo sandwhich and a dr. pepper...to go"
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It was awesome hearing Jimmy back on the radio!
Somewhere, the toddler president is sitting on the toilet lying in a tweet! LOL
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This is a wonderful interview. Informative. Passionate. Just Plain Fun!

People don't talk like this much anymore. Even in what could be considered criticism, Jimmy offers supportive wording. Ex: in his discussion with Gabe around the 5-6 minute mark, he comments briefly on each and every one of the Aggie offensive linemen. When he got to the OTs, Green and Moore, he simply said, "They're both having a tough year."

The gist of that message comes through loud and clear, but Jimmy does it graciously and, in a way, hopefully. It's in stark contrast with the vernacular of the day where folks say some brutal things sometimes, particularly on-line. It's easy to hide behind screen names and spout blunt words like that; Jimmy's word are what can be spoken face-to-face. I can very much envision the former coach sitting down with one of his players and making this statement, but behind it all is something very "Aggie" to me: honesty yet with encouragement, a pinch of hope-to-get-better. Inferred in all this is the notion of, "I'm your coach, and I'm here to help you do that: get better. Together, we're gonna get you better at your position."

We call learn a thing or two - or twenty! - from Jimmy Wright. Gig'em, Coach!
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