Good start, but there are some serious issues with this year's team. (1) Where is Kendall Potts? I know it's cold; maybe Evans is holding her out. I don't think she pitched in the fall. Unless she repeats her sophomore season in Baylor, this team doesn't look to stand much of a chance in the SEC. (2) Why all the transfers? This was a team on the verge of a legitimate run to the WCWS. Now, it appears it's quickly become a rebuilding year. If you haven't yet, look at the ULL stats for Milligan and Hudek; they're not wasting any time establishing their credentials (both at the plate and on the base) in Lafayette. (3) Evans has not had a junk-yard-dog pitcher since the Gibson/Scarborough years. I wonder if she can attract the kind of pitcher TAMU needs to make regular runs to the WCWS. I'm certainly not casting aspersions on any of the kids who have pitched for TAMU over the last few years. There were some gutsy kids, I just think the program has to look at moving its pitching to the next level. I suspect TAMU will not put up with too many years of also-running given the money they have invested in the program. I understand the fact that kids transfer, but I don't think TAMU ever had it happen to the degree it happened this year. Something's up. I don't think Evans used Milligan to the team's best advantage last year. Maybe that played a part in Milligan's decision to transfer. As long as you're going to call me a naysayer, I may as well finish on this note. Time for Evans to go. She's a good coach; her record stands for itself, but there comes a time, and I think it's time at TAMU. I personally don't think TAMU will compete year in and year out for a spot in the WCWS until the program has a coach the likes of Mike White or Tim Walton. I'm an Aggie, a former high school softball coach. I love the program, I just think it's time for a change if we really want to realize the kind of softball success the university deserves. I hope TAMU is not in the embarrassing position of hosting the SEC Tournament this year, but not playing in it.