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Eric Hyman steps down as Texas A&M athletic director

January 5, 2016

Eric Hyman’s largely uneventful three-and-a-half-year stint as Texas A&M's athletic director concluded Tuesday when he announced that he was stepping down from the position.

"I want to thank Eric for the service he has provided Texas A&M during his time as athletic director," said A&M president Michael K. Young. "He has shown a high level of integrity and professionalism in his role as AD and improved both our student-athlete academic and athletic performance through facility improvements, nutritional enhancement through the R.C. Slocum Nutritional center and preparation for life after college through upgrading the Life Skills program. 

"His relationships and insights within the Southeastern Conference have been extraordinarily helpful to Texas A&M Athletics along with his five-year strategic plan. I fully expect Eric to make a positive impact in whatever endeavor he pursues next."

There was no official word yet as to who the replacement will be or when it will be announced.

Hyman previously held the same position at South Carolina and his experience in the Southeastern Conference was a major reason he was hired by A&M in June of 2012. A&M was entering the SEC that year.

However, he seemed to have a distant relationship with Aggie sports fans, who often complained he wasn’t approachable or visible. Fans on message boards and talk shows often wondered what he did to earn his seven-figure salary.

Yet, he primarily seemed to draw the ire of Aggies when he suggested in a 2014 interview with the San Antonio Express-News that his job was to “manage expectations that define reality.”

Fair or not, many Aggie fans interpreted that to mean that high demands should not be placed on football and men’s basketball, in particular.

Hyman’s critics complained when he did not replace basketball coach Billy Kennedy after A&M finished 18-16 in 2014 and in 2015 went 21-12 and failed to reach the NCAA Tournament.

However, Kennedy’s team is now 11-2 and ranked 17th in the nation.

Several other Texas A&M teams have had success during Hyman’s tenure.

The men’s and women’s track & field teams have won national championships. The women’s tennis team finished second in the nation and the women’s basketball team won the SEC tournament in 2012-13. The soccer team has won SEC championships and advanced to the Women’s College Cup for the first time in school history.

A&M also won SEC championships in men’s tennis, women’s golf and volleyball in 2015.

"I appreciate my time here at Texas A&M University and I am proud of our student-athletes' achievements both on the field and in the classroom," Hyman said. "The best part of an AD's job is forming wonderful relationships with student-athletes, colleagues, former students and Texas A&M has been no exception. I will always value my time here and the friendships I have made with Aggies. I wish Texas A&M University nothing but continued success."

Hyman hired current women’s tennis coach Mark Weaver last July.
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Eric Hyman steps down as Texas A&M athletic director

Get a haircut, Eric, you dang hippie.
Did he ever step up?
old news...
It's been less than a week, but this has been the most entertaining offseason yet.
Please take Sandstorm away from Kyle Field and to your new destination.

We are happy for you to now have plenty of free time for TCU athletics. Bye!
Hyman can manage his own expectations now.

Bye Felicia!

Dumpster pun intended.
I just remember when he tried to lead us in an SEC chant... that was painful to watch! Hopefully the next AD "gets" A&M.
Spurrier for AD...
Is he transferring to TCU?
Is he transferring to TCU?
No. Oklahoma...
I don't know that I consider it an accurate statement that the last 3+ years have been uneventful.
I guess we did finally stop paying him so he left.
I have predicted for a long time once Hyman got the stadium built he would use it to pad his resume and move on. His lack of effort regarding the A&M baseball team last year confirmed to me he would be leaving. Try to tell your boss he needs to manage his expectations............
Adios. Seems like we hardly knew ya...oh wait, we didn't.
I guess we did finally stop paying him so he left.
As soon as his stapler is returned he is audi 5 thou!

Websider Todd44 GigEm
Is he transferring to TCU?
No. Oklahoma...
Jason Cook, it's your turn.
major loss for the TCU baseball program.
This is no joke, I truly believe his only hire mentioned here, Mark Weaver, will prove to be the best move made at A&M in a generation. It was probably the easiest hire any AD could have made, but it will prove to be great down the road. If he had gone ANYWHERE else we would probably have had to use six walk ons for the women's tennis team this next year. With Mark and his style we have a real chance to make serious waves in the conference and beyond.
YES!!! Awesome news!
Looks like one busted hyman.

Sorry. Had to be done.
Can we bring back RC?
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