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"Going, Going, Gonzo" - Blog #2 by Kevin Gonzalez

March 3, 2011

Going, Going, Gonzo

A exclusive blog, featuring Texas A&M senior catcher Kevin Gonzalez

Entry #2
* I'm back, ladies and gents, after a week of not blogging. Sorry it took me so long to post, but I had to find some time to get to writing. So here it is…

* I would say that we had a good weekend against Gonzaga. I wouldn’t say it was a great one, given that we suffered our first loss on Sunday. I told y'all that Gonzaga had a well-coached team that was gonna put up a fight, just like they did the weekend before in going extra innings and having a couple of close losses. Friday night was a great win for us. Stilson came out, as he always does, and pitched a great game. Those are the games we all love to watch and play in … the ones where every single play counts. You could tell from our dugout that every one was into the game, even from the excitement we had after taking the momentum away from them when I picked the runner off at third base. I must say, it probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part sine we had two strikes on the runner, but that by far is my favorite play to pull off. Nothing makes me feel better than back-picking someone off on the bases to kill a team's momentum. I would have to say that it’s a much greater feeling than hitting a home run (lol). Well, enough abou that. On Saturday, Wacha had his stuff going. Yeah, they scored two runs but we were able to rack up four of our own and hand the ball to Stripling, letting him have his lights-out performance in closing. He has really taken a good role in that spot and has done a fantastic job.

Matt Sachs, TexAgs Kevin Gonzalez realizes the importance of team chemistry and morale, and his actions on and off the field help bring the team together. {"Module":"photo","Alignment":"right","Size":"large","Caption":"Kevin Gonzalez realizes the importance of team chemistry and morale, and his actions on and off the field help bring the team together.","MediaItemID":5611}
* So last week I talked a little about the Wolfpack and I told you all that I would let you in on what Coach Childress calls his pitchers. I would say he got a little jealous that we took on a certain identity to call ourselves, so he decided to call his pitchers the Warlocks. I honestly don’t know where he gets ideas like this … we all thought it was funny. I guess it's his way of saying that his pitchers are magical. But if it were true, we wouldn’t be playing at Olsen Field … instead, we would be playing at Hogwarts with Hermione and Harry Potter, and have to battle for fan support from their sport of Quidditch (haha).

* Well, the other day, I was thinking that we have wolf shirts and pictures in our locker room and how funny it would be for me to get Coach Childress a Harry Potter wand. So after class, I drove over to the local Hastings and purchased a wand for him, as a joke. But let me tell you, he loved it. Just picture Coach Childress sitting in his chair, waving a wand and saying things in Spanish, trying to cast spells. It was quite a sight to see, if I must say so myself.

* Of course, baseball is our job and we take it very seriously, but nothing makes us feel better as a team than when the coaches can interact and have some fun with us and we can have fun with them and joke around. It gives us that family feeling that we lose when we go off to college. So to see Coach Childress really find a laugh out of that made my day.

* One thing that really got me excited about the season is that Brandon Wood's uncle, John Wood, approached me the other day. And for y'all that may not know, he used to catch here back in the day (Class of '90) and he had a wooden plank that they hung up in the student section that read "WOOD-O-METER." This plank had a slot for his batting average and for any one that he would throw out or pick off, they would put a baseball sticker around the boarder. Well, to say the least, he approached me and asked if I would do the honor of continuing with it and he would get one made called the "GONZ-O-METER." I told him I would love to, and then he asked me who I would want to do it and where to hang it. By having some of the greatest fan support anyone has, I chose Coach Sawyers' favorite section … section 203. I told him I wanted 203 to have it and I wanted “statboy” to be the "Raggie" in charge of it. So “statboy” … if you are reading this, know that you have been chosen by me to be in charge of the GONZ-O-METER!!! Haha! 

* Looking toward this weekend, we have another great schedule at the Minute Maid Classic, where we play Utah, Rice and U of H. So get your tickets and come down and support us. Oh yeah, for y'all that don’t know Coach Sawyers, or as you fans may call him, "SAWDOG," … he and the rest of the coaching staff have come up with great weekly contests to win special prizes and it was great to see those of you who came out on Wednesday and dressed up as your favorite Jersey Shore character. Those of you who rocked the gold chains, hair poofs, rosaries, hair gel and tank tops … a special fist pump from me to you.

See you at OLSEN!

Kevin Gonzalez

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