5 month old (probably) has Covid

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So I tested positive Tuesday, wife positive on Friday and my 5 month old started running a fever this morning. We tested him when my wife tested positive (Friday) which was before he was showing symptoms and he was negative. The nurses told us Friday there's nothing we could really do to try and keep him from getting it and just to look for cold symptoms.

This is our only child and first fever so we're getting put through the ringer a little bit. Anyone have any experience with infants and Covid and what we can expect?
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Our 6 month old had it in July. It was rough on her for a few weeks. My wife tended to her for the first two days and she got sick with it too.

Doctor will recommend steam showers throughout the day, sucking the mucos out of the nose with nose frida, making sure to keep drinking bottles, and watching her breathing. We had to take her to the ER to get her sinuses professionally cleared out which helped a ton. She was having issues breathing. The fever only lasted a few days and gave her children's motrin for that.
Basically, a lot of supportive care. The symptoms were almost identical to RSV if you know what that entails.
Hopefully yours has an easier time than ours did.
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The vast majority of kids shrug it off, RSV & flu are much much worse for them. I would consider giving a shot of dexamethasone if they get hoarse of have the barking cough of croup. If they aren't returning to baseline by day 5 or so or if temp > 102.5 I would get them seen to check for sinusitis/ear infection, etc. Basically normal viral URI course.

This isn't me but a good video about croup:
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Thanks guys.
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Our daughter born December 2020 had it may of 2021 confirmed positive and was pretty mild lasted a few days. Had a little cough and a fever. She has had other colds/ viruses that lasted longer and had worse symptoms and was told by the doctor fortunately it is pretty mild most of the time for young children.
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