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BigJim49 AustinNowDallas
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aginlakeway said:

AggieCrew44 said:

BigJim49 AustinNowDallas said:

Cleanup hitter -3 for 16 last 4 games - 8 strikeouts! Pathetic!
Pretty sure you don't know who our cleanup hitter is

Jace was 4 of 16 with 8 K's in our last 4 games actually.
Lav---! I got the hits in the last game wrong-I apologize. Any 4 hitter with 8 strike outs Pathetic!
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rrtodds said:

dermdoc said:

Stanford won because they were better than us. They have much more talent.
Better than us for 2 out of 3 … back to back wins was the exclamation point. Stanford was better enough. Let's hope they're good enough to shut tu down this weekend. Almost always like seeing our victor keep on winning.

You gotta play better than .500 ball … .500 in the regional and .500 in conference play including the extra games in making it to the SEC Final.

It was sad for Nathan Detmer who pitched probably his best of the season … only with no run support and off again relief pitching.
We were gassed. And Stanford had more studs than us,
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Beechcraft AG 91
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Hate to break the news to you guys , the best team in the country rarely wins the CWS. When you're in position to win you must capitalize! Beating Stanford one time in two games when they had to play a xtra game was not to much to get done. We played poorly and didn't get it done. There were no doubt questionable coaching decisions.

One thing I saw one night around 1am, sitting on a hill over right field at TCU, was an opposing team sending a player to the plate on a mis handled ball at 3rd. My grandmother could have thrown the player out with a wiffle ball if the throw was decent. I think most know what happened. So yes sending Hass home and forcing a executed play at the plate at that point of the game should have happened. Wasn't like were banging the ball around getting key hits. Also bunting Kaufer would have been the right move. These moves may not have been the game makers but I believe were mistakes that could have turned the tide had either one worked out.

The thing is our Vets didn't deliver. Pop ups, K's not getting any key hits or hits in a row etc... defense so so..... Yes our pitching was not stellar to say the least. Baseball post season is a chance to atone for a lack luster regular season if you possess the talent to show what you really have. Being the best team all year or having more studs does not mean near as much in a regional or short series like a super. Often times inferior teams find themselves in the enviable position of needing to just get one win to advance do to fortunate circumstances.

At some point we are going to have to nut up and become the Hot team that Does. Believe me our 89 team was the best team in the nation and all it took was one good Day from a talented LSU team to derail us. Tu, a team we beat 4 out of 5 times that year took out the Tigers in Omaha later that tourney.

P.S.- Our 93, 99,2015,2016 teams were pretty damn good too
BeechcraftAG 91
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HoustonAggie37713 said:

Stanford is a really good team. I don't have an issue with losing to them.

But for them to play an early game, have very limited pitching, and then run us 20-6 in the final two games.....disappointing. This was for a Super against the sips. Where was the emotion? the dawg? The heart?

This team was lacking the "dawg" mentality. They were complacent and didn't seam very hungry at all. Lack of leadership on the team was very apparent. I am sure Schloss is working diligently to get it corrected during the offseason. We Need to find some scrappy, aggressive players that can play ball and stretch doubles in to triples, etc. Pitching is another conversation because that was just a brutal spectacle all year long coupled with our total disappearing acts at the plate. There were some bright spots mixed in such as the shellacking we put on Florida to win 2 out of 3 and to come back and beat Miss St at their place. The SEC tournament was another bright spot.

Bottom line…We were just not a good baseball team this year, but managed to somehow make it to a regional final; however, it was still a disappointing season with much to grow on and get better at during the offseason.
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