Amish Wood Milk

Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk, Has anyone used this product? If you have what was the results.
haven't used it, can't rate it but I can tell you that TV commercial is very deceiving! Those wood articles they "restore" don't need any restoring they need elbow grease, soap and water! Everything they show has filth covering it that comes off waaayyyy too easily to be considered really aged gunk. When you have really old pieces that have spent decades in someone's stuffy old home or worse, attic or garage they don't come clean with one swipe of anything!!!

All that shown furniture needs is Murphy's Oil Soap and elbow grease....slowing falling off the soap box, hoping the fall doesn't leave a mark!
wood milk?
Mom, I agree with all you said and I have been using Murphy's Oil soap for what seems like ages. I had never heard of this product and I just wanted to know if anyone had used it to see if their results were the same as what was shown in the commercial. On old fabric covered aircraft the dope coating will crack over time. There is a product called rejuvenator that will close the cracks if used correctly. I just thought maybe this "Wood Milk" might be similar.
So this isn't a thread about a milk paint brand?
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