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Johnny has a Longhorn tattoo

@SEC_Logo just tweeted a pic of Johnny without a shirt on and he's got a longhorn tat on his ribs. Don't know how to post pic from mobile

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So? He plays for the Ags. We've already won.
If you're a horn thats salt in the wound!
So? He plays for the Ags. We've already won.


Beat Bama. Won Heisman. Won Cotton Bowl. 11 Wins.
uh gly
UT sues him for copyright infringement in 3...2...
Where is his Heisman tattoo?
He's going to have to get that taken care of.
He is just ribbing them.
I ain't even mad
rabble rabble bad bull rabble rabble
And they still love him. [Gladiator]
He can always saw 'em off...

They had their chance. Too bad for them. Such a sad deal. Safety. Ha! Good evaluators over there.
Is this more games? Just a fake tat to get people riled up?
So what?

He grew up a horn fan but chose to play for the good guys instead.

Like someone above said, that tattoo is salt in an open wound for every sip that sees it and imagines what could have been.

Photo shop? So he got a ut tattoo before he was 18? Because he knew he wasn't going to Texas well before he turned 18

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How sad is it that Mac can't even seal the deal on a recruit with a longhorn tattoo?
Lay off the reefer Honey Badger
It's well documented he really likes heffers
does anyone else wonder how much crap he gets in the locker room for that?
You know right before that picture he was like "aw eff wait till this hits texags"
a life long monument to longhorn arrogance and ineptitude.
He's just paying homage to the old A&M Yearbooks ...

Man knows his Aggie history
He plays for A&M. Who gives a **** about a steerhead tattoo?
I think the bigger question should be, WTF does Droverbs mean?
He needs to get it covered up with a Heisman tat
Just rewatch his heisman acceptance speech if you're questioning his loyalty.
That was clearly drawn on with a sharpie
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