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The only reason UT is coming clean about the cover up (more scandal)

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This won't amount to anything, though...Kearney had a long term relationship and never reported it. Applewhite had a fling and supposedly reported it immediately. Kearney violated policy by not reporting it, whereas Applewhite followed policy...or at least that's what the spin machine is saying...

Trust me part of 'reporting' it was trying desperately to minimize what actually was happening. The real truth is much more sordid I'm sure.
Applewhite's conduct was no different than Kearney's. They both had relationships with subordinate students.
Except of course the utter slimeball Applewhite had a 9 month pregnant wife at the time.
What a total sack of **** that guy is.
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^ This. Pertaining to LeftCoast's comment.
She was a very successful track coach. Had her contract coming up due, tu needed to boast the football payroll. Easiest way to do this was to bring up her relationship, that was very public, so they could justify firing her. The AD knew about Applewhite's affair a month after it happened, that message was not conveyed to the BOR.

They will pay her now.

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I think they will pay her too.

I posted before that tu may have handled each situation appropriate in a legal sense, but the politics and public backlash may be too much for tu.

I didn't know anything about Bev Kearney and found this article with the help of google.
She is a PI/employment lawyer's dream client.


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