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I stood in Kyle Field on Thanksgiving night, watching ANOTHER 2nd half OFFENSIVE meltdown and ANOTHER LOSS at home. Again, the offense couldnt do ANYTHING in the 2nd half..I know they made ONE drive to put us ahead, and then the defense didnt make the last stop...BUT, the defense played as well as they could for the most part. Tannehill killed us with turnovers, something we couldnt afford with a 3rd string RB in the game..Why cant this team come out after halftime and compete?? And what can we expect next year? We are VERY close to having the program where it was in the 60's & much of the 70's...toward the bottom of a conference
The D deserves a lot more of the blame than the O.

Much, much more.....

We're going to have the same staff next season.

Not THIS time...the O gave them 7 pts, and another 7 with a very short field. even with the short field TD, the D held them to 20..thats pretty darn good, when your offense gives up 4 turnovers..and, if our D gives up 20, we SHOULD WIN
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