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1987 - Coach Sherills "Old Sarge" Mascot Costume

Does anyone have the picture of this costume that Jackie tried to have on the sidelines for end of the season of 1987?

Much appreciated if you have the link or picture.
we destroyed all evidence of that thing, including pictures
Anyone else remember the "C'old Sarge" bottled water they used to sell in the MSC?
I wonder if the band still has that thing.
I was there also 87 BQ

I remember Yell Leader maybe putting it on bonfire.

Still there is some old photo that I've seen floating areound the web.

BTW, the thing was rancid.
Not on the sidelines. Someone wore it on the quad around Sully at a Bonfire rally and that was enough to sink the idea.
if you want to know what happened to the costume, ask Marty Holmes. He was Head YellLeader 1986-87 and he currently works for the Association of Former Students.

He'll know what became of the "mascot"
Do you want a pic before or after it was quadded?

Pull your head out

Marty was head yell in 85-86

Doug Beall '88 was the head yell leader in the Fall of 1987 when the Sarge was floated by Sherill.

Beall was the one who recieved it from Sherill and responsible for the costume's demise.


Doug Beall ... hadn't heard that name in a while. And, I vaguely remember hearing about this (we had two Sr. Yell Leaders in my outfit in '87). Good stuff.
A former roommate and still good friend of mine was the first "Charge". The costume was owned by a publishing company that printed a book called "The Littlest Aggie" that I believe is still sold in bookstores around town. They did various books like this for different universities, including us and t.u.

He was out at Bonfire one year, and he also got to go to the Holiday Bowl against BYU. He made some cash and got that great trip. It wasn't too shabby for a college student.

Here it is. This is what the costume looked like.


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Is the tuba player wearing a WWI German helmet?
Six String, you need to pull your head out. you wrote
Marty was head yell in 85-86

Wrong wrong wrong

Marty is class of 1987. He was a Junior Yell Leader in 1985-86 and Head Yell Leader in 86-87. http://www.aggienetwork.com/media/prelease/martyholmes.aspx

Doug Beall was a junior yell leader in 1986-87 and he wore that outfit in the fall of 1986.

If you would like to discuss the years 1983-1987, please feel free to contact me.

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You are right on the class year but wrong about him presidig over the old sarge.

Marty ended his tenure as yell leader and head yell in spring of 1987.

Doug Beall, John Bean and Matt Sellers were elected senior yells and composed that class for the fall of 1987 football season.

Doug Beall was head yell.

Sherill gave him the costume sometime close to the Texas game that fall.
Out of curiosity IF we did decide to go with a costumed mascot, which would you prefer?

A) A Rev style dog mascot like Smokey or UGA?


B) An Ol' Sarge mascot like Sparty or Colonel Reb

Obviously, we don't NEED a costumed mascot since a dog is already family/kiddy friendly and can easily attend all away games. IMHO Rev's only down side/need for a costumed mascot is Rev's lack of visibility at games and in general. Many people outside of Texas know about A&M but very few seem to know we have a mascot and that its Rev.
Is the tuba player wearing a WWI German helmet?

Kaiser Wilhelm "got" A&M

why the heck did the mascot look like this:

and not like this?
Is that David Yeast making the right call?:

obviously not... re: Aggie is safe
WTF?!?!!! Thats all they could come up with for an Ol' Sarge. No wonder it didnt fly for sheet. We need a REAL Ol' Sarge mascot. Not an 1800's Aggie Band member. Ive been hearing about this story for a couple of years, wondering why we dont have a legit mascot at A&M and they said they made a Ol' Sarge mascot before and it didnt last even a whole season, now I kinda feel like ive been lied to.
I recall seeing a picture of it and it was closer to the traditional tough guy Ol' Sarge, not the picture posted above.
that ol'Sarge mascot looks like the Mad Magazine kid grew up and joined the Army circa 1905

It was one of the worst ideas that has ever been implemented in Aggieland.

The Batt reported the next week that it was booed off the field before halftime. That is the first time that I had ever heard of it being at the game. I never saw the thing.
I remember there was a picture of it in the Batt. someone in that get-up, on the quad...Perhaps someone with a bunch of time on their hands could go back and look ...
Why is a Citadel knob hanging out with that Corp guy?
The guy in the gray uniform is NOT the old sarge costume. Read a few posts up more carefully.
The picture above is not Sarge, it's Charge, the Littlest Aggie, also known as my former roommate.

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I remember the "C'old Sarge" water bottles...maroon labels, good sturdy plastic that is hard to find nowadays...got a few when Reed Arena opened or whereabouts...
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