I've cross-posted this on the Job Network forum in the past, but wanted to also post this in the East Texas forum since we're looking for a geographically specific solution.

I'm trying to find an entrepreneurial Aggie who either lives in the Palestine area, or is desiring an opportunity to get back to the Palestine area but needs a viable career path. Rollo Insurance Group has a wonderfully established office there needing another full time local agent. Our agents are educators who work in the largest financial blue chip industry in the world. There is a "blue ocean" of opportunity!

Having a background in the industry would be a plus, but it is not a requirement. If you're good at education based sales and want to get involved in the community, we are extremely willing to recruit for talent and train for skill. Other professional experience can actually be a plus depending upon your background.

Whether for you, a friend, or loved one, shoot me a note and we can have a private conversation: careers at rolloinsurance dot com