Mesquite wood worm/bug holes?

Anything wrong with those? I've got about half a cord I pick from time to time and have noticed some of the pieces have holes in them from worms or bugs of some sort. I've BBQ'd with the ones that don't have any and just made fires with the rest, but my question is is it ok to cook with that other stuff? Figured someone on here might know......
Flour has an average of 75 or more insect fragments per 50 grams and an average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 50 grams.
All my bbq wood has spiders and sometimes termites in it. Cook away! It won't matter.
More charred protein particles!

Your digestive system is a lot more robust than it gets credit for. The only wood that is really bad to cook over is wood with lots of creosote or fungus/mold on it.
I've had smaller amounts of mesquite before and never really noticed it.

Thanks, appreciate the info.
Mesquite=Bugs. No problemo.
I also smoke with centipedes and scorpions for that added kick.
Cockroaches in your firebox give a flavor similar to comino.
I believe the holes make the wood burn hotter or faster from the air available. A few years back some "seasonal workers" said that the year before or after, I can't remember, these holes are made the wood was best for using as posts. If toy were building fences or decorative things. I don't know how true that is. I figured they knew more about it than me. For BBQ it is fine.
Sorry for the typo's. don't murder me. Damn auto correct.
I have never seen cured dried mesquite that didn't have worm holes in it.

Maybe if you cut it green, it won't have any, but I mostly cut mesquite that has been dead for 20-30 years.
The first time that I ran a mesquite board through a table saw and had one of those grubs splatter my face was a bit of a surprise. I jumped back and checked all my fingers. . .
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