JD Gator 550 s4 vs Polaris Ranger crew 500

Looking to buy my first UTV and going to check them out tomorrow. Online it looks like the Polaris is the way to go. Any reason I'd be better off with the Gator?
No experience with Polaris but we have a gator and have no complaints. We like it a lot

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Polaris hands down no question. Better suspension and ride. Had 2 gators before discovering polaris and they are superior to gators by a bunch.
We had a brand new Ranger 500 EFI out on the property we hunt and traded it in after two seasons because we had numerous idling issues, starting issues, problems getting the vehicle in gear, etc.

Traded for a Kawasaki Mule and are much happier. This doesn't exactly help your comparison but just an FYI.

EDIT: I would also look at Kubota, we have one on our jobsite that gets abused on a daily basis by our field hands and has continued to work without any issues.

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Had the 500 crew for 1 1/2 years now it is far better ride and drive than the Mule I've had for 8 years. Not sure bout gator but would look at HP and ride. Polaris has been top notch for years and I don't see JD passing them up in the UTV market that easily. And that's coming from a guy who owns nothing but JD tractors, implements and lawn equipment.
Kubota RTV diesel series. They make the gators, mules, and rangers look like a honda civic compared to a 1 ton truck.

(assuming budget is of no concern)
Kubota RTV diesel series. They make the gators, mules, and rangers look like a honda civic compared to a 1 ton truck.

(assuming budget is of no concern)

Except the overheating issue they have. They are hosses when running right, but it's easier than it should be to blow the motor.
I have the Gator 550 s4 and love it. That thing rides so smooth going across the pasture. Does everything I need it to do. And it has a lot of extras you can add on.
To complicate things further, look at the Honda Big Red as well. They make them in green & camo now.
No experience with Gator but we have a Ranger 800 and have no complaints. We like it a lot

FIFY. All that aside I'm sure they are both quality rigs.
My Ranger 500 is awesome, love everything it does, rides smooth, great power, great speed. I'm not sure how fast a Deere goes, but I bet it's not close to what a Ranger will do.

Traditionally, John Deere made Gators specially for farm work. In 2010, they released the 825i, and the new line of XUV was born.

I have driven all of our UTVs, as well as most of our competitors. In my opinion, the suspension design delivers the smoothest ride available. The longer wheelbase of the 550 makes it even smoother. Many of the specs are shared between the two machines, or are fairly close. One feature that people really seem to like on the 550 S4, is the ability to fold the back seat flat, and use it as an extended cargo box. I honestly don’t know if the other machines can do this, I just know that I have had many conversations with customers about the option.

All that being said, my advice is to drive both machines. I don’t know where you live, but our dealership will bring the equipment to you, and let you test drive the equipment at your place. Or, at our Bryan location, we have a course designed with lots of obstacles to test the ride, traction, and durability. If nothing else, it is fun to take a ride and get a little muddy! Also, our dealerships have some demo units available right now that include full warranty and discounted based on the number of hours on the machine- so you can get a pretty good deal.

As always, make sure that you are comfortable with the dealership, and the service department. It is a big purchase, and one that should bring you a lot of enjoyment!

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And I bought mine at Coufal-Prater in Taylor!
Just left the JD dealership. The sales rep couldn't get the demo 550 to start. Think I'll be getting the Ranger with EFI
+1 for the Polaris, there is a reason why they are number 1 in UTV sales year in and year out.
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