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Clay Travis discusses conference realignment and more

December 28, 2012

Outkickthecoverage.com's Clay Travis joined Gabe Bock during Friday's edition of TexAgs Radio to discuss the state of college football, future moves in conference realignment, bowl games and much more.
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Clay Travis with insight into future conference realignment

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Clay Travis not knowing the AAU was the AAU!

(insert facepalm pic here)

Clay is just rehashing what has been said in the mainstream so not like anything new there. I still think he is high on his projected numbers for "project x" and do not buy his "x must pair with y" in realignment. A&M showed they could separate from tu and conference realignment has shown old rivals may not remain in the new age of money and markets.

While he suggests VU would be happy with Duke I would bet my bottom dollar they would be happier with UVA. While it may be a public in name the Hoos are about as private as you get actually being part of their culture. I can see UNC + UVA getting the SEC to 16 easier than I do UNC + Duke. While I would prefer Virginia Tech the smart play is UVA, and Slive is a smart guy (and a UVA alumni) looking at the better long term add.

VT with Beamer and Duke with K are one trick ponies and more of a gamble than UVA. Why would Slive double up on the state of NC for adding 20% with Duke when he can go after UVA and add 100% of VA to "project x" ? The value in realignment is moving carriage rates from the 15 cents range out of footprint to 75 cents inside the footprint. If the SEC will not add UL, GT, CU, or FSU (with bigger alumni bases) why would they add Duke?

UNC (75 cents) + Duke (75 cents x .10) < UNC (75 cents) + Virginia (75 cents)

Taking UVA and Duke means the SEC gives up on getting into VA. That trade just does not make economic sense. I watched Duke in that bowl game and the place was empty. Can you imagine an SEC not going to a bowl in 20 years and not selling it well?
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I think you underestimate the Duke brand. It is a national brand and sells really well.

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