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Wright reflects on time in Aggieland and talks preparation for NFL Draft

January 24, 2024

Former Texas A&M TE Max Wright joined Wednesday's edition of TexAgs Radio to discuss his time in Maroon & White and his preparation for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Wright also discussed his feelings on new head football coach Mike Elko.

Key notes from Max Wright interview

  • This has been the greatest six years, which a lot of guys can't say, of my entire life. Coming out of high school, it was obvious where I wanted to go. I am actually a generational Baylor Bear. I came here for a couple of games and saw Kyle Field. Saw the Tennessee game when we won in OT. I fell in love with it. Just the people, the atmosphere, the fans, everyone was so geninue. From the first day on campus, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Even with the transfer portal, I would have not gone anywhere. This is where I wanted to be.
  • Coming in with the freshman class, me and Leon O'Neal Jr. were the ring leaders on the 2018 class. It was chaotic. We were all recruited by Kevin Sumlin. We had guys who did not end up coming. We had a solid crew who came in. Finding my voice, it probably took two or three years. I wanted to establish myself and earn respect quick. I wanted the older guys to know I was here to work.
  • It’s an honor to been seen as a face of a program, especially one of this magnitude and is obviously so respected around the country. It's been cool. Tight end doesn’t really get the most love. I was coming back from a ranch weekend trip and someone stopped me. It was a sobering moment because I am done being a Texas A&M football player.
  • Every time, it felt like South Carolina was my game to score. The ball kept finding its way to me. That stadium is really fun to play in.
  • I remember South Carolina taking back the opening kickoff, and that was one of the loudest moments I have been in college football. We were ranked No. 6 at the beginning of the year. That year frustrates me.
  • When I came in, I was like 245 pounds. I wanted to be a standup edge guy. Mike Elko brought in a different style of defense and wanted me to play a five-tech. I needed to put on some weight. My weight in college was all over the place. I was 245. I got up to 270. After that, I switched to tight end and dropped 25 pounds. The hardest part was the mental aspect. You are learning one side of the ball and learning stunts. Learning Jimbo Fisher's offense was very in-depth and dynamic. It was a lot to learn that.
  • There were some times it was simplified. If we were struggling, they would pull back on the reins of having this elaborate scheme. It is hard as a defensive player to scheme against a team that runs 150 different plays.
  • I have seen players run out of patience first-hand. It is a wake up call to being the best guy in high school and then be at the bottom of the barrel. Guys do not have the patience or drive sometimes because they don't have to stick around. They can go somewhere where you run 20-30 plays and start and kill it.
  • The transfer portal changes everything. It makes it different.
  • It's a wake up call to people that watch college football to know that talent does not win you everything. You have to take that away. If guys are not driven to be in that locker room and play together, you will not win games. We went out and got amazing talent and guys who I have respect for. I will always love them and be my teammates, but there were some who were possibly brought in who weren’t good for the locker room and the cohesiveness of the team. From 18-21, you are still growing up, and you need every positive influence you can have to become the best version of yourself. If you don't have discipline in other aspect of your life, what makes you think you have it being a professional athlete?
  • I am hoping the past few years are something we learn from. It’s not all about the five-stars. It’s not all about the big-time guys. Look at Taurean York. Look at Ainias Smith. They did amazing because they are guys of character and bust their tails. That is what you what you need. You can pull a lot out of guy that is a three-star from a small town.
  • This is why I respect Elko so heavily. He said that he will pick culture and the team over talent every time. If someone is coming in and killing the culture, we don't need that.
  • This is the hardest training I have ever done. I have a laid out diet. I am in the best shape of my life, and I have been doing this for three weeks.
  • I am open to play anywhere. I am trying to put that out. I am thankful for that here because I had work at fullback. Earnest Crownover came in and killed it, so they did not need me. I love having my hand in the dirt and going toe-to-toe at the tight end spot. I can also get back there and get ahead of steam and be a great lead blocker. 
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Wright reflects on time in Aggieland and talks preparation for NFL Draft

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max wright a great ag and player. enjoyed watching your growth as a player and unselfish always team first attitude
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Would be awesome to see him make it onto a NFL roster!
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That would be great. I'll be rooting for Max to make it in.
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