Buzz's comments about his players are special. I don't recall him ever repeating some cliche'd line that's been used a thousand times before. It's always a unique message, very tailored, yet also refining. Emphasis on the gerund: "-ING". They are comments that continuously edify in the moment yet create individualized pathways to the next step. It is always a comment that has action steps automatically built-in. I suppose somewhere there is room for the word "critique" in all this, but it never comes off harshly. It's always presented in a genuine, loving sense.

I can't help but think his players - all of them - respond to that. They are not just getting "coaching"... they are getting high-level, professional guidance that is as good as any psychologist or certified counselor. (AND, I bet the moms and dads and families appreciate greatly Buzz's personalized touch their sons/brothers!)

It's pretty darn special!

Gig'em, Buzz!
Gig'em, Aggies!