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Ryan Tannehill sizes up Pro Day results

March 29, 2012

The Aggie QB meets the media to discuss his NFL future

On how it felt to finally have his Pro Day…
“It was good. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. To finally get out there and let it rip a little bit, sling it around, felt good. The guys are out there making plays for me and giving me great routes and catching the ball. It was a good day and it feels good to finally let it happen.”

On his approach to his Pro Day…
“I just try to take the approach of ‘it’s just another workout’. I’ve been getting ready for this for almost a month. I’ve put in the work, put in the preparation and today is just like a game day. You get to go out and show that you prepared and just go have fun.”

On if this workout was the most important of his career…
“I don’t know about that. The games are always what teams are going to look at. We see all these guys here, all these teams here and it’s really exciting. It’s a true blessing to be in this situation, and I’m just glad for the opportunity.”

On why he only ran the 40-yard dash once…
“They said I had a 4.58 and if I go run a 4.54 or a 4.52 somewhere else, it’s not going to make that big of a difference. I just had to prove I could run and there is no reason to push the envelope.”

On how he felt overall about the workout…
“I felt good. The foot felt great moving around in the pocket and escaping. The ball was coming out good and the guys were making plays for me, so it was a good day.”

On his one bad throw of the day…
“I led [Jeff Fuller] out there a little bit too much. I was just trying to let him go get it and came up about a yard too far. Anytime you throw one that is not catchable it’s frustrating and you want to get it back.”

On having to sit out due to his foot injury…
“It was frustrating. I’m a competitor and I love being out there. I was looking forward to the Senior Bowl and getting out and competing with the other quarterbacks there and being around the guys. I missed that because of the foot, and I had to miss the combine throwing and running and that was frustrating as well. To finally have my day and get on the field to compete is a lot of fun.”

On his recent foot injury…
“It’s totally healed. I don’t have any pain anymore and I’m pretty much cleared to do anything. It feels great.”

On his conditioning…
“It felt great. We only had three receivers so we slowed things down a bit to let the receivers get their breath, especially on deep routes, but it felt good.”

On his dinner with the Miami Dolphins…
“It was good. Got the New York Strip and it was great.”

On the whole process of getting into the NFL…
“It’s been fun. I just try to control the things I can control. You can’t control where you’re going to get taken, who is going to take you or what teams are going to be here. You just try to go out and do your best to prepare for this day and when the day comes, just let it rip. I think I did that, and now it will be exciting next month up until the draft.”

On what’s next for him in the coming weeks…
“I have a couple of private workouts here in College Station. Teams will come in, I think I have three scheduled so far. Then three visits up to facilities after that.”

On whom those three teams are…
“The [Philadelphia] Eagles, [Kansas City] Chiefs and the [Cleveland] Browns. I just try to take it one day at a time. ”

On his plans for tomorrow…
“Tomorrow I’ll rest and recuperate a little bit. I’ll get a workout in and a run, a little conditioning, and probably throw in the afternoon.”

On if he will be in College Station leading up to the draft…
“I’ll be in and out. I’ll be here most of the time but I’ll be in and out visiting teams. I have some other obligations that I have to go to.”

On if he has picked out his suit for the draft…
“I have not. I’ll work on that.”

On if he ever thought this day would come after being put at receiver early on in his career…
“I guess I never really thought it out this far. I always wanted to be a quarterback and I always saw myself being a quarterback at A&M. I wanted to play in the NFL and I wanted to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback in the NFL, but I didn’t take it to the detail of this day.”

On if potentially being a top-10 pick has hit him yet…
“No not really. I’m just out here showing what I can do, controlling the things I can control, and wherever I’m taken, that’s where I am supposed to be. You can’t worry about who is going to take you and all of that, you just have to try to do your best, prepare and let it go from there. It’s out of your hands.”

On the similarities between waiting to get his chance in college and in the NFL…
“It’s kind of a similarity there. I moved out to receiver from quarterback and it was kind of a frustrating time for me. I had a lot of fun being able to help the team out at the receiver position and competing out on the field with my teammates, but at the end of the day I still wanted to be a quarterback, so when I finally got that opportunity, I wasn’t going to let it slip. Now moving to this process, just trying to take it one day at a time and having to kind of sit around and wait and do the little things right for this month and then get ready for the draft.”

On finally becoming an NFL quarterback…
“It’s exciting. I always had that goal. I didn’t think it out to this day, but I had the goal of being an NFL quarterback and to have that opportunity now is a true blessing.”

On the married life…
“It’s good. My wife is great and she’s been supportive through the whole thing. I had a great wedding in Mexico back in January and it’s been great so far.”
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Ryan Tannehill sizes up Pro Day results

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Ryan Tannehill sizes up Pro Day results
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Great representative of Texas A&M.
Dirk Diggler
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Awesome interview. I can't wait to see him at the next level.

Did anyone else notice the background comment after the dinner question about 'Robert Griffin had the filet'? That journalist sounded like a moran
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Hmmmmm....very well spoken....oh wait!
Lateralus Ag
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I'll say it again, I called first round about November and was told to hit the highway.

Hasn't happened yet, but I feel an "I told you so" in the very near future.

Gig em Ryan.
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Buzz, I dont think it's possible for him to be "well-spoken" must mean that he is like a "coach on the field" or maybe a real "gym rat"
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Boozin B 77
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Wouldve been great if he told the reporter that his wife usually orders the fillet after the RG3 comment.
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Lateralus Ag
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Good evening, he said, may I speak with Leah Jonason?
She is a baby, I replied.
All right, said the caller, I'll try again later.
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Tony Almeda
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