Don't forget that Hassan Diarra is from Queens, NY... one of the famous boroughs of the Big Apple. Well, that and the academy in Connecticut he attended. But folks, those two locations are ONLY 165 miles apart, which for perspective is 20 miles shy of Austin to Dallas.

Regardless of whether Hassan feels his roots to be in Queens or at the Putnam Academy, I have to believe that he's just itching to put on a good showing for his hometown. No, it won't be just him to win the game. We need everyone on the team playing good basketball.

Yeah, things are generally bigger in Texas, but for Hassan it don't get any better - or any bigger - than this: to play in Madison Square Garden. I mean, what NYC kid wouldn't love doing that?! I'm betting that Hassan lights 'em up tonight... actually, I'm kinda looking forward to it!

Gig'em, Aggies!
Beat the HELL Outta Washington State!!