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Landry: Keeping Bo Nix in pocket, limiting improvising key for A&M

November 3, 2021

Key notes from Chris Landry interview

  • There was a lot of overreaction in the College Football Playoff Rankings, which is what they want. They want the excitement. Obviously, things will change. What you take away is that Cincinnati is out of it unless the teams around them implode. Wake Forest is in that same boat. Oklahoma is going to live or die with the rest of their schedule. They have Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and a Big 12 Championship game, if they get there. They'll play their way in or out. Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State will take care of themselves. One team will get in. Alabama will need to win to get in. Oregon-Ohio State is an important head-to-head. There is a way for Oregon to beat out Ohio State if they both win out, and that's if Oregon really impresses. I think Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and Michigan, Ohio State or Oregon. Ohio State doesn't completely control its path. It's pretty simple to me as to who can get in. We still have a lot of football left, and in November, we've seen this thing flip around so much.
  • I don't think Texas A&M can play their way in, but it also matters with what happens to all of the other teams. The scenario with them winning out and beating Georgia would be impressive. Alabama could lose to Georgia, and I'm not sure that would fly. You could throw Cincinnati in if they're unbeaten as a sort of olive branch. Right now, I see you have a lot of teams that could be in that fourth spot. Could I create a scenario that gets the Aggies into the playoff? I guess, but I don't see that.
  • Auburn has gotten a lot better, and it's a great job of coaching. The offensive line is coached very well. They utilize the tight ends in the run game and the passing game. They move the pocket with Bo Nix, allowing him to create some plays outside the pocket. Bryan Harsin was talking about keeping the receiver coach as a recruiter, and it had been a poor-coached position. A few games in and practices on top of that, you can see their receivers getting better. They simplify things offensively. Defensively, they're outstanding. They have a great linebacking corp. The corners are covering well. This is a well-coached, solid, physical team.
  • What Auburn did well against Ole Miss was defending the red zone. I know Matt Corral wasn't healthy, but they made him run, they hit him, and they made him pay. Ole Miss couldn't come up big in the red zone, and that was the difference. Auburn could run the football, and Ole Miss' run defense is not good. The tempo might have bothered Auburn a bit, but not much. Auburn is a good team, and A&M has had the bye week to rest up and prepare. I think the Aggies are a little bit better. You have to keep Bo Nix in the pocket and limit the improvisational plays, which they do so well.
  • Nix is more run to throw than run to run. If it's third-and-3, he's not afraid to run. If you go into man-to-man, you can lose sight of the quarterback, and he can make a play to extend a drive. The pressure must be exact, which means you have to rush from the outside in and hem him in the pocket. When you do that, he has had issues throwing over the middle. That's where the Aggies can make some interceptions over the middle.
  • A&M is playing a little bit better up front, so they're more comfortable releasing Jalen Wydermyer. When you struggle on the offensive line, you want to chip the tight ends more, which delays them getting out on routes. I think Wydermyer has been a positive in both the run and pass game and a real play-maker for them. They want to work that layered passing game and extend drives, and he has been a huge part of that.
  • Corral is beaten up. I don't know the extent, or if there is anything serious that will cause him to sit out. He looks a little gimpier. My understanding is that both ankles have been problematic for him. I'm not sure he will need to run much this week. Liberty's defense is not very good. This game is important for a lot of personal reasons for Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin. Finishing strong is paramount for them. I'm not sure how much Corral will play or how effective he will be this week or next week.
  • LSU-Alabama was a feature game in the league for a while. This year, not so much. I watch games for a lot of different reasons. I don't think this will be a very good game. My sense is that Alabama will take this. What I get out of this is the focus of Alabama and how much better they get. By their standards, they have been inconsistent. I do not see Alabama losing until they get to the conference championship game.
  • Arkansas and Mississippi State is another contrast in styles, similar to what we saw in Mississippi State vs. Kentucky. If you can get some early points and make Arkansas play from behind, it'll be difficult. The shocking thing is that I wonder if Mike Leach has figured this thing out. He ran the ball 35 times last week. His aversion to the run has been his biggest problem because you have to have game control. It's a very inconsistent Mississippi State team, so this game will be interesting. Arkansas has gotten a chance to heel up too.
  • Georgia can run the football very, very well. Missouri does not get off blocks well at all. They are bad. They are in that lower level with South Carolina and Vanderbilt defensively.
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Landry: Keeping Bo Nix in pocket, limiting improvising key for A&M

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This is going to be a tough test for A&M this weekend.
Two keys to winning in my opinion:
First: We must contain Nix. On third down regardless of the distance he must be pressure otherwise he will run for the first down.
Second: Calzada must stay calm in the pocket and make good decisions. He's got to get rid of the happy feet and don't stare down receivers!
If we can do these two points consistently I feel certain that we will win.
Divining Rod
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Hey wait! I said those two things a few days ago! Keep rush under control so Elko can scheme blitz packages, and have Calzada playing with pocket confidence. I think those are the two things that are most likely to break down, so let's GO!
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Very good article. I completely agree with "You have to keep Bo Nix in the pocket and limit the improvisational plays, which they do so well."
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