After all the years Mond has been here, I have come to see him as a fairly mature young man who will pay attention and learn from coaching and will take hard criticism and learn from that rather than get all pissed off about being called out on game day. That shows character. He will persevere through mistakes and tough times and I'll bet he is an outstanding person off and on the field. His aggie career has been a monument to his own and Fisher's character and commitment. It's amazing what they have accomplished together.

On the other hand, I still think it was pure luck that we scored on the TD throw to Chapman against FL that was mentioned in the interview. Luck and Chapman's talent, of course for bringing in an under thrown ball in coverage. He had the guy beat by a mile but had to wait on the ball. You won't get too many breaks like that.

There was another big pass play in that game where we benefited from that exact same luck (or poor gator defensive talent, take your pick). A poorly thrown ball was caught for a big gain and important yards when it really should have been intercepted. It was a tip drill catch if I remember correctly. In my opinion it's a miracle we got either of those much less both.

I wish the best for Mond. I think he's going to be a good man wherever he goes.